With Shopify, businesses are provided with an amazing platform to quickly launch an online store and start selling products. Unfortunately, one feature that is often overlooked is effective SMS marketing. To make sure your customers are kept in the loop, you should consider exploring the best SMS apps for Shopify. These apps offer powerful features to manage customer relationships and give you the ability to send bulk SMS messages, set content scheduling, and customize the message using various variables. In this article, we will present a list of the best SMS apps for Shopify that will help you automate your SMS marketing campaigns and take your business to the next level.

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing

Email marketing, automation, sms, lead generation, newsletters




No matter your business’ size, ActiveCampaign Email Marketing is an essential app for Shopify users looking to unlock the full power of email automation, SMS marketing and cross-selling. With ActiveCampaign Email Marketing, eCommerce entrepreneurs can convert one-time shoppers into loyal customers, increase conversions with abandoned-cart reminders, and more. The automation tools and insights this app provides means eCommerce businesses can save time, optimize marketing efforts, and create more satisfied customers.

Amplified Email Marketing, SMS

Increase sales with Email Marketing & Abandoned Cart Recovery




Amplified is an Email and SMS marketing app for Shopify stores. It's designed to help you reach customers with engaging campaigns and personalised content, enabling you to drive sales through automated marketing. It makes it easy for you to create emails and SMS campaigns and track your performance with real-time metrics. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, Amplified has you covered.

Avada Email Marketing & SMS

Increase sales with automated email marketing campaign & SMS




The Avada Email Marketing & SMS app is an excellent solution for Shopify merchants who are looking to further engage and convert their customers via omnichannel techniques, allowing for more personalized and reliable customer relationships. Through the App, merchants can deploy email campaigns, newsletters, SMS marketing, popups, personalization, and lead capture campaigns. This allows businesses to target their customers more effectively and efficiently, at a scale that best fits the needs of their organization. Along with Avada's AI-powered solutions, merchants are also provided with helpful reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing for improved data insights and customer segmentation.

Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery

Send Abandoned Cart Recovery SMS & Emails to Boost Sales!




Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery is an app designed to help merchants simplify abandoned cart recovery. With Carti, store owners are able to automatically send reminder emails, SMS messages, push notifications, and Viber messages to help boost sales and recapture lost revenue. The app is designed to optimize recovery results with multi-channel messages, as well as help provide a complete cart abandonment protection solution. Installation and set-up of the Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery app is quick and easy. Carti is free to try out and charges additional fees depending on the size of the store.

Cartloop SMS Marketing

1:1 Human-Powered SMS Conversations, Cart Recovery & Chat.




Cartloop SMS Marketing is an app developed to help Shopify brands take their customer relationships and sales to a new level. With its 1:1 personal shopping experience, two-way campaigns and conversational flows, Cartloop works to build personal relationships with customers and increase your average order value (AOV). The app also provides an Outbound Inbox sending feature and the ability to collect phone numbers and emails, making it easy to promote products, build loyalty and recover carts.

Carts Guru

Marketing automation for SMS marketing, email, FBM retargeting




Carts Guru is an automated multichannel marketing solution to enhance customer journeys. It allows you to engage with customers using email, SMS, and funnels, with an automated messaging workflow that adapts to customer channel interaction. It offers more than 60 segmentation criteria based on historical customer behavior, and provides pre-built template and campaign builders with proven ROI. With its automated discount management capabilities, you can build loyalty with your existing customer base and turn them into repeat customers.

EcomSend Popups & Email Pop Up

Email Sign Up, Newsletter Pop Up Window, Email Pop Ups Klaviyo




EcomSend Popups and Email Popup is a Shopify app that enables entrepreneurs, shop owners and e-commerce website to grow their email marketing list with opt-in or exit intent popups with discounts to boost sales. With EcomSend, business owners can retain potential customers with exit intent popup windows, increase conversions with fully customizable discounts, customize popup design to match their brand, and utilize data visualization and reusability by integrating any email marketing app. This app provides an easy-to-use editor, customer support that operates 24/7, and it works out of the box without a single line of code. EcomSend Popups and Email Pop Up is free to use for all Shopify users.

FirePush - SMS, Web Push, Email

Text marketing, push notifications for abandoned cart recovery




Firepush is an all-in-one remarketing app that guarantees increased conversion rates with an abandoned carts SMS & Email strategy. Firepush offers solutions to help capture would-be shoppers and improve conversion rates while reengaging shoppers. The app also facilitates automated email, SMS, and push notifications for promotions and cart abandonment. With Firepush, you can create promo campaigns and bring customers back to the store through direct connection via emails & SMS.

Flowio Email Marketing, Pop Up

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Flowio Email Marketing, Pop Up is an all-in-one marketing solution for Shopify stores. It helps businesses to increase sales by automating their marketing workflow. Flowio allows businesses to capture emails, send personalized emails and sms, manage their contacts, segment them, and engage customers with live chats. It combines powerful features such as pop-up, email, SMS, and Live Chat so that customers get a seamless experience. It also integrates with Google Ads to help businesses gain more insights into their campaigns.

Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

Email, SMS, and more - a unified customer platform




Klaviyo is a leading email and SMS marketing platform for e-commerce brands, powered by Shopify. It allows businesses to use predictive analytics to build detailed audience segmentation, automate their communications, and access real-time revenue data to improve their marketing campaigns and strategies from one platform. With Klaviyo, brands can create personalized, automated emails and texts to send to customers, as well as dynamic coupon codes for VIPs, delays, abandoned carts, and more. Klaviyo also offers free plans to get started and a range of pricing plans depending on your budget.

NotifyVisitors : Email & SMS

Email Marketing, SMS, Push Notifications, PopUps, Signup forms




NotifyVisitors is an email & SMS marketing automation software designed for Shopify stores. This tool enables store owners to increase sales by leveraging automated marketing campaigns across different channels such as Emails, SMS, Push Notifications, Pop-Ups, and Signup forms.


Make SMS your #1 completely owned revenue channel




Postscript is an SMS marketing solution for Shopify. It helps merchants to drive incremental revenue by engaging customers through text message. Postscript enables merchants to capture customers’ phone numbers compliantly and leverage Shopify data for targeted SMS campaigns to further increase revenue. It also allows them to respond to conversation with subscribers, personalize messages through the use of Shopify historical data, and deliver messages quickly even during heavy traffics time.


SMS Marketing: Text Campaigns, Abandoned Cart, Popups & More




Recart: SMS (Mobile) Marketing is a Shopify app designed to help businesses reach their customers through SMS. It is a fully-managed service and allows users to create automated marketing campaigns, custom pop-ups for desktop and mobile, and access to real-time analytics and compliance. With more than 13,000 Shopify brands already using Recart, businesses can get extraordinary return on investment and increase their revenue by an average of 14-33%. Recart's key features includes custom pop-ups for desktop and mobile, automated campaigns and welcome flows, compliance and real-time analytics, and 7-day-click attribution for sales. These features make it easier for businesses to engage their customers and keep them coming back for more.


Email & Text Marketing, SMS Automation and Abandoned Carts




SMSBump is an amazing SMS and email marketing tool designed to help Shopify store owners create powerful campaigns to boost their sales. With it, you can easily craft, personalize and A/B test campaigns to text and email subscribers, and build SMS flows powered by real-time events and custom conditions to better engage your shoppers. Furthermore, you can create targeted segments to specifically connect with individual customers.SMSBump will help you send revenue-driving texts and emails to your contacts to help them make an informed decision and purchase your product. It also comes with a library of high-converting templates which you can use to design your campaigns.

Supercharged SMS Marketing

SMS text & MMS image messages, automated campaigns, 1:1 chat




Are you looking for an easy-to-use, TCPA-compliant SMS & MMS marketing and automation app to help run your eCommerce store? Then look no further than Supercharged SMS Marketing, an app built specifically for Shopify merchants. Supercharged SMS Marketing helps to drive traffic and sales from personalized message campaigns that you can set up and send from within Shopify Admin, Shopify Inbox, or Shopify POS.Not only can you easily sync existing data into your Shopify store, you can also create targeted text marketing campaigns, trigger automations as well as engage in one on one conversations with customers to boost retention and engagement in your store quickly and easily.

Tobi - SMS Marketing Automation

Recover Carts, Text Marketing, Abandoned Cart Recovery




Tobi is an SMS marketing automation app for Shopify stores that helps you boost sales, win back customers, and reduce shopping cart abandonment. With Tobi you can create automated abandoned cart recovery messages, SMS marketing campaigns, automation to reward customers with discounts and promotions, order updates, and birthday greeting SMS. All these elements make Tobi a great tool for Shopify stores to reach their customers and increase sales and engagement.

Transcy: SMS Marketing

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Transcy: SMS Marketing is an app aimed at helping Shopify merchants improve website conversion, grow their email & SMS lists, and drive more sales with its powerful features. With this app, merchants can easily create and run highly effective SMS campaigns with its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The app also includes smart scheduling and other advanced features that make it an invaluable tool for any Shopify store. Furthermore, it is completely free to use, making it an ideal choice for those just getting started with SMS marketing.

WhatsApp & SMS Marketing: TCW

The ConvertWay - Powerful SMS & Whatsapp Marketing Automation




WhatsApp & SMS Marketing: TCW is the one & only platform for SMS & WhatsApp marketing automation. This Shopify app allows merchants to communicate with their customers through SMS & WhatsApp messages and is designed to help them boost sales, build customer loyalty, and increase customer engagement. The app provides a range of features that include personalized marketing campaigns, abandoned cart recovery, win-back customers, and collecting feedback via SMS & WhatsApp. It also includes a free plan with a 5-day trial and additional charges may apply for the premium plan.