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Our unified marketing measurements platform empowers modern marketers to make better decisions using Multi-Touch Attribution, Marketing Mix Modelling, Incrementality Testing, and Causal AI.

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Be the marketer who can answer these questions confidently 👇

Be the marketer who can answer these questions confidently 👇
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One platform to help you hit your marketing goals

Move from data to decisions quickly with AI-powered actionable insights.

Understand the true marketing effectiveness across all channels

Measure your marketing effectiveness using a proven triangulation framework.


Get an unbiased and holistic view into marketing performance


Measure both online and offline marketing and business KPIs


Reveal incremental channels to scale your spend and drive growth predictably

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Plan, forecast & achieve your goals with confidence

Predict how each marketing mix scenario impacts your budget, ROAS, and revenue.


Set your goal & get predictions inform your decisions


Pick your winner with easy scenario comparison


Generate an actionable budget worksheet in minutes

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Optimize your campaigns at a granular level with incrementality intelligence

Power better campaign optimization using incrementality adjusted reports.


Make optimization decisions based on causal insights


Adjust attribution reports with an incrementality multiplier.


Get scale, reduce, hold or cut recommendations at a granular level

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Track your goal progress & get optimization recommendations

Get decision-makers on the same page with transparent marketing performance tracking


Analyze how marketing is driving business KPIs.


Track your strategy performance with active goal tracking.


Easily take course correction actions with weekly recommendations.

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Bring in data from all your marketing channels

Get started in minutes with seamless integrations to bring all your marketing and sales data to a single place.

Bring in data from all your marketing channels

Make your marketing dollar work for you


Budget & campaign optimization

Maximize budget efficiency & campaign effectiveness, ensuring high ROI, with a bang for every buck spent.


Forecasting & scenario planning

Use advanced simulation tools for planning & forecasting, turning uncertainty into clear, actionable strategy.


Marketing impact assessment

Ditch your vanity metrics and start tracking the performance of your decisions on real business KPIs.


increase in conversions with smarter budgets

See how this leading electronics brand increased ad budget using Marketing Mix Modeling on Lifesight.

“Within months of optimizing based on Lifesight’s MMM insights, marketing ROI increased over 35%. MMM allowed us to redistribute budget to the most effective channels, tightening targeting and supports our marketing team's plans for growth.”

VP Marketing,

Electronics brand with $1.5M ad spend per month.


incremental lift in sales from social media ads

Read how a personal care brand increased ad budget with our Incrementality Measurement & Geo-Experiments

"Adopting Lifesight was a game-changer for our marketing team. The transparency it provides in terms of experiments and consumer interaction has been invaluable, allowing us to scale our initiatives, with enhanced engagement and sales."


Personal-care brand earning $130M in ARR


Future-proof your marketing measurements

Get access to a proven, AI-powered unified marketing measurement platform that will change how you drive marketing success in the privacy-first era.