Boost sales, win back customers, reduce cart abandonment with automated SMS campaigns and updates.

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Tobi - SMS Marketing Automation

Tobi - SMS Marketing Automation

Recover Carts, Text Marketing, Abandoned Cart Recovery


Tobi is an SMS marketing automation app for Shopify stores that helps you boost sales, win back customers, and reduce shopping cart abandonment. With Tobi you can create automated abandoned cart recovery messages, SMS marketing campaigns, automation to reward customers with discounts and promotions, order updates, and birthday greeting SMS. All these elements make Tobi a great tool for Shopify stores to reach their customers and increase sales and engagement.


  • Automated Abandoned Cart Recovery via SMS: Tobi helps Shopify stores capture lost customers with automated abandoned cart recovery messages, leading to more sales and reduced cart abandonment.
  • Generate More Sales with SMS Automations and Retargeting to Existing Customers: Automations allow you to retarget existing customers with discounts and promotions, cross-sell and order updates via SMS, helping you increase sales and ROI.
  • Automated Discount Code Text Marketing Campaigns for Selected Customer Segments: Tobi allows you to hone in on specific customer segments and send out discount codes via text messages to drive more sales and increase engagement.
  • Create Promotional SMS/ Text Marketing Campaigns to All Your Customers: Easily create promotional campaigns and send them via text messages to your customers to keep them informed about discounts, new products and offers.
  • Text Messaging Automations: Create automated text message campaigns for different customer segments for added personalization and more sales.
  • SMS order tracking: Track orders and update customers with automated text messages.
  • Track coupon usage: Monitor the use of discount codes sent via text messages.
  • Multiple sms templates: Create different SMS templates depending on the purpose and market segment.
  • Auto unsubscribe: Customers can unsubscribe from your SMS messages with a single click.
  • Customizable Tags: Add custom tags to segment customers and send targeted SMS campaigns.


Tobi offers 3 pricing plans for Shopify stores. Customers can start off with the free plan and upgrade to PRO GO or PRO FLEX depending on their needs. The PRO GO Plan: This plan offers basic SMS marketing features allowing customers to get a feel for the app without having to invest any money. The PRO FLEX Plan: The PRO FLEX plan is the most advanced plan, offering customers access to all of the app's features and options. This plan costs $29 per month. Overall, Tobi is a great SMS marketing automation app for Shopify stores that helps them reach new customers and win back lost ones. With its diverse range of features and three different pricing plans, customers can easily find a plan that works best for them.