TCW - Boost sales and customer loyalty with SMS & WhatsApp marketing automation. Try the free plan with a 5-day trial.

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WhatsApp & SMS Marketing: TCW

WhatsApp & SMS Marketing: TCW

The ConvertWay - Powerful SMS & Whatsapp Marketing Automation


WhatsApp & SMS Marketing: TCW is the one & only platform for SMS & WhatsApp marketing automation. This Shopify app allows merchants to communicate with their customers through SMS & WhatsApp messages and is designed to help them boost sales, build customer loyalty, and increase customer engagement. The app provides a range of features that include personalized marketing campaigns, abandoned cart recovery, win-back customers, and collecting feedback via SMS & WhatsApp. It also includes a free plan with a 5-day trial and additional charges may apply for the premium plan.


  • Personalize Marketing Campaigns: With WhatsApp & SMS Marketing: TCW, merchants can personalize their marketing campaigns for various segments and target customers with specific messages or promotions. This helps build loyalty and increase the reach and engagement of these campaigns.
  • Collect Subscribers: This app enables merchants to build their SMS/WhatsApp subscriber list via opt-in popups. This enables merchants to keep track of their customers and stay in touch, while gaining valuable insights into customer behavior.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: This app allows merchants to send automated abandoned cart reminders to customers via both SMS and WhatsApp. This ensures that customers don’t forget about their cart and can be reminded to complete their purchase.
  • Win-back Customers: With the help of this app, merchants can re-engage old customers based on their purchase history. They can also create customized messages to bring back customers and remind them of their loyalty benefits and exclusive promotions.
  • Collect Review/Feedback: This app allows merchants to easily collect feedback from customers through SMS/WhatsApp. This allows them to gain valuable insights about their customers’ preferences and needs.
  • Automated Flows: The app also allows for automated flows for various marketing campaigns across SMS and WhatsApp. This includes automated thank-you messages, follow-up messages, post-sale reminders, etc., all of which help in boosting customer loyalty and engagement.
  • Segmentation: The app allows merchants to easily segment customers based on their behavior, location, and other factors. This helps them target the right customers with the right messages and increase the success rate of their campaigns.
  • 1-on-1 conversations: The app also enables merchants to converse with customers 1-on-1 and answer any questions they have. This helps to build trust and loyalty, while also improving customer satisfaction.
  • Cross-sell & Up-sell: With the help of this app, merchants can up-sell and cross-sell their products to their customers. This helps in increasing their sales and monetize on their relationships with customers.
  • Reports & Analytics: The app also provides reports and analytics to merchants that enables them to keep a track of the performance of their campaigns and make necessary adjustments. This ensures that merchants optimize their campaigns for better performance and higher ROI.


WhatsApp & SMS Marketing: TCW offers a free plan to install and a 5-day free trial. There are three pricing plans: Premium Plan ($29/month), Growth Plan ($99/month), and Enterprise Plan ($399/month). These plans offer additional features that help merchants get the most out of the app and maximize their ROI.