Boost your email marketing with EcomSend. Capture leads with custom popups and exit intent technology, all with an easy-to-use, code-free editor.

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EcomSend Popups & Email Pop Up

EcomSend Popups & Email Pop Up

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EcomSend Popups and Email Popup is a Shopify app that enables entrepreneurs, shop owners and e-commerce website to grow their email marketing list with opt-in or exit intent popups with discounts to boost sales. With EcomSend, business owners can retain potential customers with exit intent popup windows, increase conversions with fully customizable discounts, customize popup design to match their brand, and utilize data visualization and reusability by integrating any email marketing app. This app provides an easy-to-use editor, customer support that operates 24/7, and it works out of the box without a single line of code. EcomSend Popups and Email Pop Up is free to use for all Shopify users.


  • Opt-in Popups or Newsletter Popup Email: It offers customizable opt-in popups and newsletter popups to help shop owners grow their email marketing list. These popups are designed with discounts and incentives to target potential customers and capture more leads.
  • Exit Intent Pop Up Window: This feature allows shop owners to create exit intent popup windows to retain users who are about to leave the webpage. These windows can be used as a tool to engage with hesitant customers and either gain more information or incentivize them with discounts.
  • Increase Conversions with Fully Customizable Discounts: EcomSend makes it easy to create fully personalized discounts and automate the process of sending them out to customers. This allows for an extra level of customization to entice customers to purchase and ensures shop owners are targeting the right customers with the right offer.
  • Easy-to-Use Editor: The app provides an easy-to-use editor that allows shop owners to customize the design of their popup window to fit their brand and website. This ensures that any popup window looks pleasing and matches the look and feel for the shop so customers feel welcomed and confident.
  • Data Visualization and Reusability: EcomSend’s analytics dashboard provides shop owners the ability to track their popups’ performance. This dashboard provides clear visuals and data insights allowing shop owners to make better informed decisions.
  • Integrate with Any Email Marketing App: This feature enables shop owners to integrate any email marketing app they choose while still using EcomSend’s services. Additionally, the data from these apps can be stored securely in the EcomSend platform.
  • Automatic Addition to Shopify: Users who choose to use EcomSend will have their subscribers automatically added to their Shopify account. This allows users to take advantage of EcomSend’s services without worrying about data security.
  • Works Out of the Box without a Single Line of Code: EcomSend is designed so users don’t have to worry about coding or any other technical issues. It’s easy to get up and running with EcomSend’s services without any prior technical knowledge.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: EcomSend offers customer support 24/7 via online chat or email. No matter the time, shop owners can contact EcomSend and receive support.


EcomSend Popups and Email Pop Up is free to use for all Shopify users. This app offers a wide array of features for free with no subscription or payments required. Additionally, EcomSend offers service and customer support with no additional charges.