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Success Stories

How Lifesight customers are winning in the Modern Marketing Era

Spicta increased owned channel revenue by 38%

Home grown oral-care brand Spicta created lasting experiences for its store visitors using behavior tracking and sharper segmentation increasing owned channel revenue by 38% & Customer AOV by 198%.

Dipping sauce brand increased blended ROAS by 41%

This food brand was facing a challenge to optimize scaled up campaigns across Google, Meta & TikTok. With Lifesight they increased blended ROAS by 41% across channels & reduced their CPA by 27% in Meta.

Beauty brand scaled Meta Ads & reduced CPA by 25%

This beauty brand struggled to run ads profitably on Meta and was constantly getting inaccurate numbers on platforms. With Lifesight’s first-party server-side tracking they reduced CPA by 25%, increased GA4 data accuracy by 100% & had 41% more emails send via Klaviyo.


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