Engage and convert customers with email campaigns, SMS marketing, and popups. Avada provides AI-powered solutions and insightful analytics.

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Avada Email Marketing & SMS

Avada Email Marketing & SMS

Increase sales with automated email marketing campaign & SMS


The Avada Email Marketing & SMS app is an excellent solution for Shopify merchants who are looking to further engage and convert their customers via omnichannel techniques, allowing for more personalized and reliable customer relationships. Through the App, merchants can deploy email campaigns, newsletters, SMS marketing, popups, personalization, and lead capture campaigns. This allows businesses to target their customers more effectively and efficiently, at a scale that best fits the needs of their organization. Along with Avada's AI-powered solutions, merchants are also provided with helpful reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing for improved data insights and customer segmentation.


  • Automation Workflows: The automation workflow feature allows merchants to create abandoned cart and checkout workflows, as well as welcome emails and other automated emails. Merchants have control over capturing customers at the right moment of the customer journey and can create highly personalised customer events.
  • Newsletter Campaigns: The newsletter campaign feature allows merchants to easily create newsletters with attractive templates and features such as newsletter pop-up, customer email, and email promo. It’s a great way to keep customers informed, boost sales and build customer relationships.
  • Capturing leads via Popup & Forms: Merchants are able to capture leads swiftly and effectively with popup windows, discount pop-ups and coupon popups. This allows merchants to quickly capture leads and connect with customers in a timely manner.
  • Various Email Marketing Templates: Avada provides merchants with a range of email marketing templates for various occasions. Templates such as re-cart templates, firepush templates, and shipment templates allow merchants to send emails with a more professional look and feel.
  • Personalization:The personalization feature helps merchants create a personal connection with customers by segmenting contacts, providing product recommendations and creating order creation SMS. It helps merchants design customer journeys with targeted content and offers tailored to each customers’ interests and needs.
  • Smartmail: The smart mail feature helps merchants create automated intelligent email campaigns based on customer behaviour, including views, clicks and purchases. Smartmail allows merchants to better target customers and convert more leads.
  • Massmail: The mass mail feature allows merchants to easily create an email list by segmentation and quickly send emails to a large group of customers. It helps merchants save time and effort in creating new customer lists and sending emails efficiently.
  • Campaign Monitor: The campaign monitor helps merchants monitor the status of multiple campaigns at once by tracking deliverability, key performance metrics and other data. This helps merchants track and analyze campaigns in order to create better customer experiences.
  • Spin To Win: This feature helps merchants incentivize customers to keep visiting their stores with chance-based prizes and rewards. It’s a great way to boost sales and drive traffic to the store.
  • Push Notification: This feature allows merchants to easily send automated and scheduled notifications to customers on their mobile devices. This helps ensure customers get relevant notifications in an efficient manner.


The Avada Email Marketing & SMS app is free to install and is charged additional fees based on the number of subscribers. Paid plans range from $16/m and a 14-day free trial is available. Additional fees may apply depending on the number of subscribers.