Recover abandoned carts effortlessly with Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery. Send automated reminders via email, SMS, push notifications, and Viber. Boost sales and recapture revenue.

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Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery

Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery

Send Abandoned Cart Recovery SMS & Emails to Boost Sales!


Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery is an app designed to help merchants simplify abandoned cart recovery. With Carti, store owners are able to automatically send reminder emails, SMS messages, push notifications, and Viber messages to help boost sales and recapture lost revenue. The app is designed to optimize recovery results with multi-channel messages, as well as help provide a complete cart abandonment protection solution. Installation and set-up of the Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery app is quick and easy. Carti is free to try out and charges additional fees depending on the size of the store.


  • Send Multi-Channel Abandoned Cart Reminders : Carti helps remind customers who have left the checkout process and abandoned their cart with a variety of messages across multiple channels, including email, Push, SMS, and Viber messages.
  • Use Browse Abandonment Push Reminders & Re-engage Shoppers Who Didn't Convert: With browse abandonment being one of the biggest problems for e-commerce stores, Carti allows you to stay within the buying cycle and send automated push messages to reengage customers that didn’t convert right away.
  • Add SMS Abandoned Cart Recovery & Get a Nudge to Purchase: The Carti app offers a powerful message to shoppers with SMS abandoned cart reminders. This should help you to recover lost carts and give shoppers an extra nudge to purchase.
  • Send Viber Cart Recovery Reminders to Boost Checkout: Carti also helps you to send Viber cart recovery reminders with personalized messages, featuring discounts and offers. This allows you to optimize checkout of your store and boost sales.
  • Automated Abandoned Cart Flows & Email Templates: Carti offers a variety of automated abandoned cart flows and email templates that are personalized and designed to help you recover more carts and revenue.
  • Powerful Analytics & Reporting: Carti also enables you to track and analyze data on recovering abandoned carts. This helps merchants to adjust and optimize their strategy in order to maximize recovery results.
  • Granular Segmentation & Personalization: Carti allows you to segment customers based on their cart abandoned/recovery rate, last order amount, and other transactional data, so that you can send more personalized messages and optimize your recovery rates even further.
  • Conversion Rate Tracking: Carti provides powerful insight into the conversion rate of your abandonment recovery efforts. This helps you to track the number of abandoned carts that were converted and the ROI of your efforts.
  • Customization for Optimal Results: The Carti app offers an array of custom settings, such as delivery slots, payment options, discounts, cart expiration time, subject lines, and much more, so you can optimize your abandoned cart messaging strategies to your needs.


The Carti app is free to try out and provides a no-risk 30-day free trial. After the trial period, additional fees may apply depending on the size of the store. Carti offers four different plans: “Free Recovery” and three subscription plans made to suit different store sizes. The plans are as follows:Free Recovery: This plan is free and requires no payment.Up to $200: $4.99/monthUp to $500: $9.99/monthUp to $1,000: $19.99/month