Drive traffic and sales with personalized SMS campaigns. Sync data, create targeted campaigns, and engage customers. Boost retention and engagement effortlessly with Supercharged SMS Marketing.

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Supercharged SMS Marketing

Supercharged SMS Marketing

SMS text & MMS image messages, automated campaigns, 1:1 chat


Are you looking for an easy-to-use, TCPA-compliant SMS & MMS marketing and automation app to help run your eCommerce store? Then look no further than Supercharged SMS Marketing, an app built specifically for Shopify merchants. Supercharged SMS Marketing helps to drive traffic and sales from personalized message campaigns that you can set up and send from within Shopify Admin, Shopify Inbox, or Shopify POS.Not only can you easily sync existing data into your Shopify store, you can also create targeted text marketing campaigns, trigger automations as well as engage in one on one conversations with customers to boost retention and engagement in your store quickly and easily.


  • Easily Create Reusable SMS & MMS Templates: With the Supercharged SMS Marketing app, creating reusable SMS and MMS templates is easier than ever. All messages sent with the app are TCPA compliant, so merchants can be sure that they are staying within legal boundaries.
  • Automate Messaging Based on Customer Actions & Triggers: The app allows merchants to easily segment customers based on data such as location, abandoned carts, and more. This can help merchants create triggered automations to help recover abandoned carts, shipping notifications, order confirmations, etc.
  • Build & Transfer TCPA-Compliant Subscriber Lists: Another great feature of the app is that merchants can easily build and transfer TCPA-compliant subscriber lists. This helps them understand their customers and make sure that they are properly targeting their messages.
  • Understand Customer Profiles: The app also allows merchants to access customer profiles to better understand who they are targeting. This is important for getting the most out of any marketing campaign.
  • Track Revenue, ROI, CTR, & Conversion: The app also has built-in analytics that helps merchants track their revenue, return on investment (ROI), click-through rate (CTR), and conversion metrics. This gives them the insight they need to refine their campaigns.
  • Send & Receive Messages In-App: The Supercharged SMS Marketing app allows merchants to send and receive SMS & MMS messages to and from customers while they are in the app. This helps to streamline their process and makes it much more efficient.
  • Manage Accounts Easily: With the app, merchants can easily manage their accounts within the app. They can schedule messages, create campaigns & automations, and more with ease.
  • Personalize Messages with Variables: The app allows merchants to personalize messages with variables. This helps them make each message more relevant and engaging for each customer.
  • Get Expert Support: Supercharged SMS also offers expert support to help merchants get the most out of the app. The support staff are experts in the field and are more than qualified to help merchants with any of their questions.
  • Geolocation Targeting: Finally, the app also offers geolocation targeting, so merchants can make sure that their messages are only sent to customers in the right geographic locations. This helps them make sure that their messages are reaching the right customers.


The Supercharged SMS Marketing app is free to install. However, additional charges may apply for the messages sent or received. The rate is 3.5 cents per message sent in Canada/USA, 9.9 cents per message sent Internationally, and 7.9 cents per MMS message sent.