Boost conversions on Shopify with Firepush. Implement remarketing strategies for abandoned carts using automated emails, SMS, and push notifications.

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FirePush - SMS, Web Push, Email

FirePush - SMS, Web Push, Email

Text marketing, push notifications for abandoned cart recovery


Firepush is an all-in-one remarketing app that guarantees increased conversion rates with an abandoned carts SMS & Email strategy. Firepush offers solutions to help capture would-be shoppers and improve conversion rates while reengaging shoppers. The app also facilitates automated email, SMS, and push notifications for promotions and cart abandonment. With Firepush, you can create promo campaigns and bring customers back to the store through direct connection via emails & SMS.


  • Abandoned Cart SMS & Email Strategy: Firepush can help to capture would-be shoppers and improve conversion rates by using SMS, EMAIL, and PUSH notifications.
  • Promo Campaigns: Create targeted promotion campaigns with Firepush.
  • Recover abandoned carts with emails, SMS, and push notifications: Firepush helps you to re-engage shoppers with a sequence of 3 automated emails, SMS or push notifications.
  • Bring customers back to the store: Easily connect customers back to your store through direct connection via emails & SMS.
  • Automated Email, SMS, and Push Notifications for Promotions & Cart Abandonment: Automate emails, SMS, and push notifications to customers to provide special offers & discounts to capture more sales.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Firepush provides real-time actionable insights to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and optimize your strategies.
  • Personalization: Use personalization strategies to target customers with relevant messages to ensure better engagement.
  • Multi-channel Support: Use Firepush to send SMS, Emails, and Push Notifications from one platform. Get data on all channels for different campaigns to track visitor behaviour and measure marketing performance.
  • Automated Welcome Campaigns: Automated welcome campaigns help you greet new customers and encourage them to return in-store.
  • Offer Scheduling: Schedule promos and discounts by timezone and language.


Firepush is available for free. There are no additional fees or charges. The app provides all the features mentioned above without any extra cost.