Are you looking for the best Rules apps for Shopify? Let us help you! This article provides a comprehensive list of Rules apps that can be used to optimize your Shopify store and make it function the way you want. The apps we've put together enable you to create custom rules for discount codes, pricing, taxes and checkouts, automated emails, and more. Each app offers unique features and can help you make your shop more organized and profitable. By optimizing your Shopify rules and settings, you can save time and make your store more efficient. Read on to see our top picks for the best Rules apps for Shopify.

Advanced Shipping Manager

Accurate Shipping Rates Made Simple!




Advanced Shipping Manager is a powerful application developed specifically for shopify users. It helps online stores to better manage their shipping rules and methods and provides full control over all of the shipping processes. With its help, merchants can easily connect with multiple couriers and take advantage of location-specific shipping/markup rules, automatic address classification, package breakdown and other features. Additionally, this app also comes with some extra add-ons, such as delivery estimates, item shipping calculators, duties & taxes, and more.

Advanced Shipping Rules

Finely tune your shipping rates




Advanced Shipping Rules is a Shopify app designed to provide flexibility to store owners who want to set up their simple to complex shipping rates requirements for their store. It is made for merchants who may be struggling with their shipping rate setup and are in need of advanced yet simple conditional logic for constructing their desired rates. Advanced Shipping Rules allows the merchant to adjust rates based on a wide variety of variables and conditions including postal codes, SKU, tags, and more. Other features such as Service Codes, Product Groups, Package Settings, Custom Titles, Combined Rates, and % of Product Price allow for more control over the specifics of store's shipping rates. Advanced Shipping Rules also provide merchants with real-time carrier rates, which can be adjusted and customised according to their needs. Additionally, merchants can further choose to restrict some products from being shipped to certain areas. With top-rated, highly responsive email and phone support, merchants can access help when needed.

Envia Shipping and Fulfillment

Rapidly create your shipping labels with




The Envia Shipping and Fulfillment app is an all-in-one solution for sellers on Shopify. It allows customers to easily quote envelopes, boxes, and cargo shipments with live checkout rates, and creates automated shipping rules to make the process easier. Sellers can set products on hold and create partial fulfillments, and Envia also provides delivery services in over 195 countries.

Postcode Shipping

Calculated shipping rules & delivery zones to improve checkout




The Postcode Shipping app for Shopify enables store owners to create powerful and flexible delivery charges using calculated shipping rules and delivery zones. This app is an invaluable tool for businesses selling physical goods, allowing them to set up delivery rates for whole groups of countries, regions, neighbourhoods or even individual postcodes.The Postcode Shipping app makes it easy to calculate shipping based on location, postal code, weight, cart contents and more. With rate tiers, store owners can provide comprehensive shipping support both locally and globally, while product groups allow them to offer unique shipping rates to customers. To help store owners test delivery rates and delivery zones, Postcode Shipping also comes with a powerful shipping rule sandbox.

Ship Shippify ‑ Shipping Rates

Implement shipping rules & shipping rates via product tags




Ship Shippify - Shipping Rates is a comprehensive shipping solution for Shopify merchants. It eliminates the complexity of creating shipping rules by establishing a logic-based interface to ensure accurate and consistent custom shipping rates. This app works by implementing a product tag system to define custom shipping rates and rules based on the items contained in users' customers carts.Ship Shippify also allows for more complex shipping options to be merged seamlessly and with no confusion. The app also includes a shipping calculator feature to enable merchants to quickly display estimated delivery dates at checkout. Merchants who use this app could gain an edge over others by making their checkout process more comprehensive and user friendly.

ShipperHQ: Rates, Dates & More

Total control over the rates & options you show at checkout




ShipperHQ is a powerful app tailored for Shopify merchants who want to offer their customers more control over their shipping, pickup, and delivery options at checkout. Providing more granular control over the checkout experience, ShipperHQ helps reduce abandoned carts and increase sales with the ability to customize shipping rates, pickup options, and delivery dates. This app integrates with 50+ carriers worldwide, including LTL freight providers, to offer your customers real-time rates, automated rating from multiple warehouses if you dropship, and display accurate delivery date or time in transit at checkout. You can also create shipping rules for product groupings, rate your shipments by dimensional weight, and automate box packing.

Shipping Rates ‑ Shipeasy

Shipping rules to calculate rates by Product Zipcode Postcode




Shipping Rates ‑ Shipeasy is a shipping calculater app developed specifically for Shopify stores. The app provides an advanced set of rules to create accurate shipping rates by 20+ parameters. It enables businesses like drop shipping to set accurate rates depending on product, customer, supplier, country, dimensions, carriers, zip code, post code and distance. The app also provides special rates depending on customer and rate blending, which allows users to define how rates from various rule sets should be blended. The app supports all countries supported by Shopify and the currency of that country. It is also compatible with Shopify’s Carrier Calculated Shipping API.

ShipZip ‑ Shipping Rates

Shipping rates with Order Delivery Date & Local delivery.




ShipZip ‑ Shipping Rates for Shopify is an advanced shipping app that enables store owners to set up a wide range of shipping strategies, depending on the product type, quantity, zip code, delivery date and more. With ShipZip ‑ Shipping Rates you can configure a unique shipping rate for each product, while also taking into account the weight, customer tags, store pickup, and distance factors. The app also offers a free plan, with a 30-day free trial to try out all its features.

Ultimate Product Icons

Display your product guarantees and features to convert sales




Ultimate Product Icons for Shopify is designed to help your store generate extra revenue by displaying beautiful guarantee icons to your shoppers. As a Shopify store owner, you can select from 26 different icons across 5 handcrafted design styles, link your chosen icons to relevant pages, adjust colors to match your store design, and more- all without any code to install or developer needed. Learn while you earn with a 14-day free trial, or take advantage of the free plan.