Tailor your shipping rates with Advanced Shipping Rules for Shopify. Craft the perfect strategy with custom rates, real-time carrier adjustments, and postal code-specific rules.

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Advanced Shipping Rules

Advanced Shipping Rules

Finely tune your shipping rates


Advanced Shipping Rules is a Shopify app designed to provide flexibility to store owners who want to set up their simple to complex shipping rates requirements for their store. It is made for merchants who may be struggling with their shipping rate setup and are in need of advanced yet simple conditional logic for constructing their desired rates. Advanced Shipping Rules allows the merchant to adjust rates based on a wide variety of variables and conditions including postal codes, SKU, tags, and more. Other features such as Service Codes, Product Groups, Package Settings, Custom Titles, Combined Rates, and % of Product Price allow for more control over the specifics of store's shipping rates. Advanced Shipping Rules also provide merchants with real-time carrier rates, which can be adjusted and customised according to their needs. Additionally, merchants can further choose to restrict some products from being shipped to certain areas. With top-rated, highly responsive email and phone support, merchants can access help when needed.


  • Flexible Conditional Logic: Advanced Shipping Rules provides flexibility with a wide variety of variables and conditions to set up simple or complex shipping rates. It is easy to express the rule logic required for customised shipping.
  • Real-time Carrier Rates: The app allows for real-time tracking of carrier rates, which are adjusted and customised according to the merchant’s needs.
  • Control Shipping Rate Titles: Merchants have the ability to set titles for their shipping rates, giving customers an overview of exactly what the rate covers.
  • Customise Combined Rates: Merchants can customise and adjust their combined shipping rates in the app, giving them the ability to create packages with different selections.
  • Restrict Products from Shipping Certain Areas: It is possible to restrict some products from shipping to certain areas, allowing the merchant to control which products go where.
  • % of Product Price: Merchants can set up a % of product price as a shipping rate, so customers can pay a set percentage as their shipping rate.
  • Per Pound & Per Item: Merchants can set up additional shipping rules based on ‘per pound’ and ‘per item’, giving them full control over specific rates based on product weight and size.
  • Package Settings: Advanced Shipping Rules provides the ability to customise the package settings for different cases, giving the merchant the flexibility to set up any type of rate they are looking for.
  • Service Codes: The app provides the ability to set up service codes which are automatically applied as the desired shipping rate for select country or region.
  • Product Groups: Merchants can create product groups to set up a specific shipping rate for each group, giving them more control over the products they are selling.


Advanced Shipping Rules is available at varying levels of pricing. The pricing details include a lite version for $9/month, a standard version for $29/month, a pro version for $59/month, and a full-featured unlimited version for $99/month. There is also a 7-day free trial available.