Simplify shipping with Advanced Shipping Manager for Shopify. Take control of your shipping rules and methods. Connect with couriers and manage shipments like a pro.

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Advanced Shipping Manager

Advanced Shipping Manager

Accurate Shipping Rates Made Simple!


Advanced Shipping Manager is a powerful application developed specifically for shopify users. It helps online stores to better manage their shipping rules and methods and provides full control over all of the shipping processes. With its help, merchants can easily connect with multiple couriers and take advantage of location-specific shipping/markup rules, automatic address classification, package breakdown and other features. Additionally, this app also comes with some extra add-ons, such as delivery estimates, item shipping calculators, duties & taxes, and more.


  • Real-Time Connectivity: With Advanced Shipping Manager, you can easily connect with multiple parcel, LTL and broker couriers in real-time. This allows you to calculate and arrange shipping rates quickly and accurately.
  • Location-Specific Shipping/Markup Rules: Advanced Shipping Manager integrates with your shopify store and allows you to create location-specific shipping and markup rules. This feature helps to ensure you’re always charging the right rates, wherever you’re located.
  • Product/Variant Control: Advanced Shipping Manager offers complete control over your products and variants with specific dimensions, flat-rates, origins, ship-alone and more.
  • Address Classification: The app automatically classifies all of your customer’s addresses as either residential or commercial to ensure that you’re always charging the right rate.
  • Package Breakdown: Advanced Shipping Manager also provides package breakdown support, so you can easily separate packages according to your shipping methodology.
  • Delivery Estimates: To get an accurate picture of the delivery timeline, this app also gives you access to delivery estimates.
  • Item Shipping Calculation: With Advanced Shipping Manager, you’re able to calculate the cost of shipping for each item automatically.
  • Duties & Taxes Support: This app also includes duties and taxes support to ensure that you’re properly charging your customers for the appropriate taxes and duties.
  • Customer Support: This app comes with an excellent customer support team that is available via phone, tickets, email and live chat.
  • Full Feature Set: Last but not least, Advanced Shipping Manager also comes with a full feature set that helps you manage all of your shipping requirements.


The app is available on a 7-day free trial and can be installed directly from the shopify app store. Advanced Shipping Manager is priced at $95/month and provides exceptional customer service with a US-based dedicated team via phone, tickets, email and live chat.Advanced Shipping Manager is priced at $95/month, with a seven-day free trial available. There is no need to enter a credit card during the trial period. This price also includes access to an experienced customer support team located in the United States.