Simplify custom shipping rates with Ship Shippify. Create logic-based rules using product tags, calculate delivery dates, and more.

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Ship Shippify ‑ Shipping Rates

Ship Shippify ‑ Shipping Rates

Implement shipping rules & shipping rates via product tags


Ship Shippify - Shipping Rates is a comprehensive shipping solution for Shopify merchants. It eliminates the complexity of creating shipping rules by establishing a logic-based interface to ensure accurate and consistent custom shipping rates. This app works by implementing a product tag system to define custom shipping rates and rules based on the items contained in users' customers carts.Ship Shippify also allows for more complex shipping options to be merged seamlessly and with no confusion. The app also includes a shipping calculator feature to enable merchants to quickly display estimated delivery dates at checkout. Merchants who use this app could gain an edge over others by making their checkout process more comprehensive and user friendly.


  • Custom Shipping Rates & Rules for Specific Products: Ship Shippify enables merchants to quickly create advanced custom shipping rules and shipping rates for specific products.
  • Use Product Tags to Display Custom Shipping Rates: Merchants can use product tags to display custom shipping rates based on what’s in the customers' carts.
  • Perfect for Free Shipping Promos: Ship Shippify features the perfect solution to execute free shipping promotions without any hassle.
  • Quantity-based Rates & Product-based Rates: Merchants can create quantity-based rates or product-based rates easily with Ship Shippify.
  • Define Shipping Rules with Questions: Merchant can use the app’s logic-based questions feature to define shipping rules easily and seamlessly merge complex shipping rates.
  • Shipping Calculator Feature: To give customers an accurate indication of delivery dates merchants can quickly add a shipping calculator feature at checkout.
  • Fast Implementation: There is no need to worry about coding, merchants can implement fully customized shipping rates and rules quickly and easily.
  • Excellent Support: Ship Shippify provides excellent customer support and is available 24/7 to assist merchants with questions and issues.
  • Track Copies and Refunds Easily: Ship Shippify helps merchants keep track of orders, copies and refunds quickly and easily.


Ship Shippify offers 2 subscription plans - Simple Shipping ($9.99/month), Shipping Pro ($19.99/month). All subscriptions come with a 30-day free trial and can be canceled anytime.