Set flexible delivery charges based on shipping rules and zones with Postcode Shipping for Shopify. Calculate shipping based on location, weight, cart contents, and more. Test rates with a powerful shipping rule sandbox.

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Postcode Shipping

Postcode Shipping

Calculated shipping rules & delivery zones to improve checkout


The Postcode Shipping app for Shopify enables store owners to create powerful and flexible delivery charges using calculated shipping rules and delivery zones. This app is an invaluable tool for businesses selling physical goods, allowing them to set up delivery rates for whole groups of countries, regions, neighbourhoods or even individual postcodes.The Postcode Shipping app makes it easy to calculate shipping based on location, postal code, weight, cart contents and more. With rate tiers, store owners can provide comprehensive shipping support both locally and globally, while product groups allow them to offer unique shipping rates to customers. To help store owners test delivery rates and delivery zones, Postcode Shipping also comes with a powerful shipping rule sandbox.


  • Delivery Zone Setup: This feature makes it simple for store owners to create delivery zones. They can easily identify which parts of the globe the relevant delivery zone applies to, as well as enter other parameters for the zone.
  • Rate Tiers: This feature allows store owners to create different delivery rates for customers. Store owners can create different rates for each zone, which make it much easier to offer customers a variety of options.
  • Product Groups: Store owners can use this feature to create unique sets of delivery rates applicable to individual products or sets of products within product groups.
  • Shipping Rule Sandbox: This is a powerful tool available within the app that allows store owners to easily test delivery rates across different zones.
  • Shipping Cost Calculations: This app uses powerful algorithms to accurately calculate shipping cost and the relevant delivery rate for customers.
  • Automatic Zone Selection: When customers enter their postcode, the app automatically provides them with the relevant delivery rate and delivery zone.
  • Custom Shipping Options: This feature allows store owners to provide customers with a range of customised shipping options.
  • Weight & Size Calculations: This app accurately calculates the weight and size of products for different delivery zones.
  • Product Group Exclusions: Store owners can select products or categories to be excluded from certain delivery zones. ‘
  • Checkout Extensions: This feature allows store owners to extend the checkout process so customers can enter their postcode and easily select the delivery zone most relevant to them.


The Postcode Shipping app for Shopify comes with free and premium plans. For store owners looking to test the app, a seven-day free trial is available. The Rates Sandbox feature is available for free, while the Active Rates feature is available at a monthly fee of $20. The app is easy to set up and use, with detailed instructions and helpful customer service representatives to help guide store owners.