Set up versatile shipping strategies with ShipZip. Create unique rates based on product, location, and more.

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ShipZip ‑ Shipping Rates

ShipZip ‑ Shipping Rates

Shipping rates with Order Delivery Date & Local delivery.


ShipZip ‑ Shipping Rates for Shopify is an advanced shipping app that enables store owners to set up a wide range of shipping strategies, depending on the product type, quantity, zip code, delivery date and more. With ShipZip ‑ Shipping Rates you can configure a unique shipping rate for each product, while also taking into account the weight, customer tags, store pickup, and distance factors. The app also offers a free plan, with a 30-day free trial to try out all its features.


  • Custom shipping by product: With ShipZip ‑ Shipping Rates, you can set up unique shipping rates based on product type, quantity, SKU, Vendor or Tag.
  • Multiple conditions and modifiers: You have the ability to modify rules based on conditions like customer tags, delivery date and distance.
  • Delivery date configuration: You can also configure the delivery date for any order, taking into account pre- and post-holiday delivery scheduling.
  • Distance shipping: Set shipping fees for deliveries based on distance from the point of origin.
  • Modular pricing: Tiered and modifier pricing is available to ensure better rates for larger orders.
  • Store pick up: Enable customers to pick up orders from your store, instead of shipping them.
  • Shipping calculator: Enable customers to calculate shipping rates for their orders via the calculator.
  • Incremental shipping by weight or quantity: Charge a fixed fee for certain weights or quantities, and increase it for higher orders.
  • Shipping restriction: Restrict shipping for certain products, PO Boxes and more.
  • Unlimited locations: Set up multiple locations for shipping or store pickup.


ShipZip ‑ Shipping Rates offers a free plan, with a 30-day free trial that provides access to all of its features. Paid plans range from $9.99/month (for basic Shipping) to $19.99/month (for Shipping with Delivery Date). There is also a free setup with all plans.