Enhance the checkout experience with ShipperHQ. Offer customers personalized shipping options, real-time rates, and more control.

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ShipperHQ: Rates, Dates & More

ShipperHQ: Rates, Dates & More

Total control over the rates & options you show at checkout


ShipperHQ is a powerful app tailored for Shopify merchants who want to offer their customers more control over their shipping, pickup, and delivery options at checkout. Providing more granular control over the checkout experience, ShipperHQ helps reduce abandoned carts and increase sales with the ability to customize shipping rates, pickup options, and delivery dates. This app integrates with 50+ carriers worldwide, including LTL freight providers, to offer your customers real-time rates, automated rating from multiple warehouses if you dropship, and display accurate delivery date or time in transit at checkout. You can also create shipping rules for product groupings, rate your shipments by dimensional weight, and automate box packing.


  • Real-Time Rates: Integrate with up to 50+ carriers world wide to offer your customers real-time rates.
  • LTL Freight: Enable you to ship larger items that cannot be sent using regular shipping services by providing access to LTL freight services.
  • Delivery Dates and Time in Transit: Offer your customers the ability to pick their delivery date or see an estimate of the time in transit.
  • Shipping Rules for Product Groups: Set up rules to manage the way specific items or groups of items are shipped.
  • Dimensional Weight Rating: Rate your shipments based on their actual weight and dimensions for more precise pricing.
  • Automate Rating: Automatically rate shipments from multiple warehouses with ease.
  • Box Packing: Automatically start packing items into boxes to calculate shipping costs quickly and accurately.
  • Multiple Carriers: Integrate up to three different carriers so you can offer customers multiple shipping options.
  • Localization: Show different shipping options to customers based on their location.
  • Abandon Cart Recovery: Offer customers customizable shipping options at checkout to decrease abandoned carts.


ShipperHQ offers several different pricing plans to accommodate any merchant's budget. The essentials plan is $75/month and includes all of the basic features. The starter plan is $200/month, the standard plan is $350/month, and the advanced plan is $600/month. With each plan you get additional features such as the ability to access additional carriers and services, the option to pack orders into multiple boxes, the ability to calculate taxes, and more. ShipperHQ also offers a 15-day free trial so you can get a feel for the app and make sure it meets your needs.