With the growing demand for online shopping, shopify has become extremely popular as a platform. As with any online platform, shopify needs to be able to display a variety of language translations in order to provide an effective service. Language Translation apps for Shopify have been developed to tackle this need. This article provides a list of the best Language Translation apps for Shopify, providing readers with an overview of facilities and features offered. They range in terms of cost and integration, from free apps to those which are specifically tailored to a particular language. This article also outlines the overall pros and cons of each app, helping readers to decide on the most suitable system for their own shop. With advancements in language technologies, the choice of translating system for your shop is important, and this guide will, help you choose the best translation app to suit your needs.

AI Language Translate LangShop

Translate store, multi language/currency switcher, geolocation




LangShop is a Shopify app that allows businesses to easily translate their stores, convert different currencies, and appeal to a global market. The app features advanced translation capabilities like machine translation, human translation, pro translation from Google and DeepL, and manual translation with an in-built glossary. It also includes currency conversion with an auto rounding system, a custom language/currency switcher, geolocation-based language/currency switching, and organic search boosts with multilingual SEO. Additionally, LangShop supports right-to-left (RTL) languages, and is easy to setup with 24/7 live chat support.

Bablic Translation

Translate website to multiple languages & localize your store




The Bablic Translation App by Shopify is an intuitive and comprehensive tool that allows you to easily translate your store into multiple languages. As a store owner, you will be able to leverage the power of global languages and capitalize on the numerous benefits of having a multilingual website.Bablic’s app allows you to effortlessly tailor each language version of your store to appear as if it had been professionally translated. With this app, you can opt for either professional human translation, machine translation, or a mixture of both, whichever suits your requirements best. Plus, you can even customize your language navigation settings so that your store looks more tailored to your target audience.The Bablic Translation App also offers one of the best SEO-friendly translations on the market, providing you with more opportunities to be found in local search engines. With Bablic’s reliable and accurate translation, you can confidently message a much larger global audience and drive more conversions from your Shopify store.

C: Request Quote ‑ Hide Price

Allow customer to request a quote & the price can be hidden.




C: Request Quote ‑ Hide Price is an excellent Shopify app that provides price negotiation options for its customers. This app allows customers to reach out to merchants directly and suggest their desired prices for products. Whether customers request for a single item, some products or an entire shopping cart, C: Request Quote ‑ Hide Price makes the entire process easy and enjoyable. With this app, Shopify merchants can boost up sales and also build a profitable pricing strategy to succeed in their businesses. It has exciting features such as cart request quotation, leading to conversion of quotes to orders with discounts, and also hiding the Add to Cart buttons and prices.

ConveyThis ‑ Store Translator

Bilingual Websites Can Help You Boost Traffic




ConveyThis – Store Translator is a no code translation solution that enables users to quickly and easily add up to 100 languages to their eCommerce stores, boosting traffic and conversions. With this app, users can avail of a host of features such as machine translation, post-editing features, image translations, and a customizable language switcher, all of which are in full compliance with the best Google SEO practices. Thanks to these features, users can start a business in a new language without coding. With an easy-to-use platform to manage and edit translations, creating the perfect localized store for different target markets becomes a breeze. ConveyThis is the ideal tool for all successful eCommerce stores and is available for a minimum price of $7.50/month, with a 7-day free trial.

Customify ‑ Customize Product

Product customization, Customize Product App




Customify is a product customizer app for Shopify that helps store owners to rapidly and easily personalize products with a product tool. This app allows customers to design and print their own products on demand with a mere click of the mouse. It is the perfect content-centric app for stores selling T-Shirts, Clothes, Phones Cases, Bottles, or any other product that a customer may want to personalize. Moreover, it helps to take the store to a new level of customizing and ordering.

ET Language Translate‑Currency

Multi Language & Multi Currency switcher, Translate store




ET Language Translate‑Currency is an intuitive app developed for Shopify stores to quickly translate store content into multiple languages and currencies. It helps store owners to reach out to a much wider target audience and get thousands of potential orders they may have missed out. The app is powered by Shopify and the page loading time remains unaffected. It is equipped with AI translator, Geolocation, Multi language SEO, Auto multi-currency converter and language & currency switcher. Shopify store owners can easily localize their stores with a few clicks. By using the app, store owners can instantly translate store content in multiple languages and currencies. This provides customers of the store with an adapted version of the store which removes language and currency barriers. The app can convert currency into customers’ local currencies as well as automatically convert currency and language based on Geo.ET Language Translate‑Currency is available to Shopify store owners for free. There are three different plans offered by the app – free, basic and growth – allowing customers to choose the plan that best suits their needs. The basic plan costs $8.99 per month whereas the growth plan costs $16.89 per month.

G | translate

Translate your shop and 3rd party apps with Google Translate.




G | translate is a revolutionary app for Shopify stores. With this app, you can quickly and easily translate store content into multiple languages, which can significantly increase sales by opening up global markets. G | translate takes care of all the hard work and offers time-saving features such as automated translations, customizable language selectors, translation proxy technology, and URL translation to boost your multilingual SEO. The app provides a free plan that includes a 15-day free trial and is extremely user-friendly, making it the perfect choice for stores of any size and budget.

Hextom: Translate My Store

Multi language & currency, AI translate store & 3rd party Apps




Hextom: Translate My Store & Currency is an app which offers great convenience to Shopify stores by providing them a way to opt for multi-currency option. A store-owner can provide a localized shopping experience to customers, allowing them to view prices & pay at checkout in their local currency. With its multi-currency, multi-language, and third party app compatibility, Hextom: Translate My Store & Currency is a reliable and useful app for Shopify store owners.


Translate your shop into multiple languages




For merchants who are looking for a comprehensive solution to localize their business, langify is the perfect app for them. This app translates content into any language, giving businesses the ability to reach new customers worldwide. With langify, merchants can offer localized currency, adjust manual translations, and integrate with other third-party apps easily. It also offers customizable solutions for each business. As for the pricing, merchants can choose between the Basic and Advanced plans.

Language Translate‑Langwill

Translate store into multiple languages to boost conversation.




The Language Translate-Langwill app is a must-have for shopify store owners looking to expand their stores into multiple languages. By using the app store owners can instantly translate their stores into multiple languages in no more than a minute, by using multiple leading provider’s neural translation APIs. With the comprehensive support offered by the Language Translate-Langwill app, store owners can customize the language selection widget on their pages and offer visitors their choice of language.This app comes with many features, including multilingual support, language context recognition, automatic mapping of the store pages, accurate and error-free translation, customizations, and more. All the features offered by the app are easy to use and store owners can utilize it to easily and quickly create a store which is to the visitors language.

Mobile App Builder ‑ Drobile

The Best Mobile App Builder for E-commerce Stores




Mobile App Builder – Drobile is an app designed to help Shopify store owners create their own mobile app quickly and easily, with no coding required. The app promises to help you design your own custom mobile app and launch it with a 5-star rating in 48 hours. It also includes unlimited push notification alerts, a drag and drop mobile app editor, and multilingual and multi-currency support. Store owners can even take advantage of the app’s analytics to gain insight into how their app is performing.

Multi Lingo

Offer your shop in many languages with full content control




Multi Lingo is a powerful Shopify app designed to help Shopify merchants quickly and easily translate their store into any language, including checkout. It allows users to take full control of their content by offering customized translations for products, pages, menus, homepage texts, email notifications, checkout, and blog articles. The app also supports automatic translations on a per-item basis through the MS Bing translation engine. In short, Multi Lingo can help merchants quickly and easily reach more international customers.

Sense RTL: עברית

RTL, accessibility, fonts, translation, notifications, & more!




Sense RTL: עברית is an app that enables ecommerce business owners to offer a better experience to their local customers in Israel. The app is designed to help turn website layouts from right to left in quick, seamless manner. It also provides a full Hebrew translation, right to left (RTL) alignment, notifications translation into Hebrew, and support for payment gateway icons such as "Buy it now" translation and custom button translation. The app also provides a full application suite, knowledge base, and support services by the Israeli development team through their website.

Shopify Translate & Adapt

Translate and adapt your store content for every market




Shopify Translate & Adapt is an app that enables stores to easily translate and adapt their content to make it accessible to customers in multiple languages. The app features a powerful side-by-side editor that allows you to compare, edit, and review your translations and can be used to adjust content for various regions and cultures. It also offers Auto-Translate for two languages, which is powered by Google Translate, so you can easily localize your content. With this app, you can manage localized store content from your Shopify admin, giving you more time to focus on your core business.

T Lab ‑ AI Language Translate

Translate your store into multiple languages & add currencies.




Translation Lab is the perfect Shopify App for merchants looking to expand their business and reach new markets by translating their store into multiple languages and integrating multiple currencies. The app includes a suite of tools and automation to help simplify the process of adding multiple languages and currencies to make sure that international customers can view your store in their language and make purchases using their local currency. With content translation, automatic and manual translations using Google NMT and image translation services, merchants can easily reach new potential customers and boost sales.

Transcy: AI Language Translate

Translate Store into Multi Language. Currency Converter by Geo




Transcy: AI Language Translate is a powerful AI-based language translation and currency conversion app for Shopify store owners. This app helps store owners localize their stores by translating their content into multiple languages and currencies, giving their customers a smooth and native shopping experience. Transcy makes it easy to manage the translations quickly and accurately with unlimited editing capabilities and real-time updates for currency exchange. With Transcy, store owners can increase organic traffic with optimized multilingual SEO, improve user experience with geolocation-based language and currency switching, and develop a stronger brand identity with customizable language and currency switchers.

Uplinkly Language Translate

Translate your store & get more sales automatically!




Are you looking to break into the global market? Uplinkly Language Translate is an app that can help you quickly and easily translate your store into over 100 languages with just a few clicks. By enabling you to offer your products to a larger audience you have the potential to increase sales and make more money. With auto-translation, a language selector, auto-mode, integration options, and more, Uplinkly Language Translate is an invaluable asset when it comes to expanding your store’s reach.

Weglot ‑ Translate Your Store

Translate your store into multiple languages.




Weglot Translate Your Store app is a powerful language localization tool that provides merchants an easy way to have their stores translated into multiple languages without any coding or technical knowledge. It helps internationalize your store and enables you to reach an even larger global customer base. The Weglot platform provides a comprehensive solution for Shopify merchants looking to expand their reach. This includes a first layer of machine translation for speed and automation, and post-editing features to take control of the quality of your translations or order professional translation services. Your store is also automatically indexed on search engines and optimized for SEO to help you acquire more customers. Merchants can install the Weglot app, and have their stores translated into different languages within a few minutes. The app is perfect for any type of store and helps make your Shopify store global.