Easily translate your Shopify store into multiple languages and improve global reach with Bablic Translation App. Customize language settings for tailored content.

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Bablic Translation

Bablic Translation

Translate website to multiple languages & localize your store


The Bablic Translation App by Shopify is an intuitive and comprehensive tool that allows you to easily translate your store into multiple languages. As a store owner, you will be able to leverage the power of global languages and capitalize on the numerous benefits of having a multilingual website.Bablic’s app allows you to effortlessly tailor each language version of your store to appear as if it had been professionally translated. With this app, you can opt for either professional human translation, machine translation, or a mixture of both, whichever suits your requirements best. Plus, you can even customize your language navigation settings so that your store looks more tailored to your target audience.The Bablic Translation App also offers one of the best SEO-friendly translations on the market, providing you with more opportunities to be found in local search engines. With Bablic’s reliable and accurate translation, you can confidently message a much larger global audience and drive more conversions from your Shopify store.


  • Super Easy Visual Editor: Bablic’s visual editor provides you with a seamless user experience, allowing you to easily translate the entire site with just a few clicks. With its simple drag-and-drop interface and powerful visual translation panel, you can tailor your language settings within minutes, providing you with maximum control.
  • Any Type of Translation: The Bablic Translation App offers a variety of translation options; you can opt for professional, machine, or DIY translation – whichever works best for your requirements. Additionally, you will be able to customize the translation settings to your preferences, providing you with a unique shopping experience.
  • Localize Images and Videos: As part of its visual editor, the Bablic app allows you to localize and translate images into different languages. This gives your customers a stunning visual experience regardless of their native language, providing them with a smooth shopping journey.
  • Optimal SEO: Bablic's translations are guaranteed to be SEO-friendly and to improve the visibility of your store in local search engines. With its unique URL, subdomain, and meta tag translations, Bablic provides you with the opportunity to be found on various search engines and to message wider audiences.
  • Customizable Language Navigator: The Bablic app offers a customizableuser-friendly interface so you can tailor the language navigations to match your store’s overall look and feel.


The Bablic Translation App is available at a price of $19 per month. Plus, it offers a free 14-day trial for those who want to test out the app before committing to it. This price covers every language translation so you don’t have to worry about extra fees or complications.