Expand your Shopify store's global reach with Language Translate-Langwill. Instantly translate your store into multiple languages with neural translation APIs.

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Language Translate‑Langwill

Language Translate‑Langwill

Translate store into multiple languages to boost conversation.


The Language Translate-Langwill app is a must-have for shopify store owners looking to expand their stores into multiple languages. By using the app store owners can instantly translate their stores into multiple languages in no more than a minute, by using multiple leading provider’s neural translation APIs. With the comprehensive support offered by the Language Translate-Langwill app, store owners can customize the language selection widget on their pages and offer visitors their choice of language.This app comes with many features, including multilingual support, language context recognition, automatic mapping of the store pages, accurate and error-free translation, customizations, and more. All the features offered by the app are easy to use and store owners can utilize it to easily and quickly create a store which is to the visitors language.


  • Multilingual Support: The Language Translate-Langwill app provides extensive support for multiple languages, ensuring that shop owners can offer their visitors the language of their choice. Through this app, the shop owners can effectively expand their reach and generate more revenues.
  • Language Context Recognition: This app offers the unique language context recognition feature this ensures that the translations used in the shop are accurate and context-specific. This way, visitors visiting the shop are not confused with misuses of the language.
  • Automatic Mapping Of The Store Pages: The Language Translate-Langwill app ensures that the store pages are mapped correctly so that the translations provided are relevant and reliable. This way, store owners can provide the best experience to their visitors, which leads to higher conversions and sales.
  • Accurate And Error-Free Translations: The app utilises leading provider's neural translation APIs, ensuring that the translations offered are accurate and error-free. This removes potential errors and helps shop owners offer the best translations for their customers.
  • Customizable Language Selection Widget: This app allows store owners to customize the language selection widget on their page. This way, they can offer visitors a choice of language customized to their needs and preferences.
  • Comprehensive Support: The Languge Translate-Langwill app offers comprehensive support, which includes round-the-clock customer service and on-demand language request operations.
  • Enhanced User Experiences: By offering personalized language selection widgets and accurate translations, the Language Translate-Langwill app provides its users with enhanced user experiences, making it easy to navigate the store and increase conversions.


The Language Translate-Langwill is a free app.