Localize your Shopify store globally with langify. Translate content into any language and offer a localized currency for worldwide customer reach.

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Translate your shop into multiple languages


For merchants who are looking for a comprehensive solution to localize their business, langify is the perfect app for them. This app translates content into any language, giving businesses the ability to reach new customers worldwide. With langify, merchants can offer localized currency, adjust manual translations, and integrate with other third-party apps easily. It also offers customizable solutions for each business. As for the pricing, merchants can choose between the Basic and Advanced plans.


  • Automated Translations: langify offers automated translations of products, pages, and more with full control over manual customization.
  • Localized Currency: Merchants can allow customers to pay in their native currency, making it easier to purchase and grow their business.
  • Domain Localization: Using langify, merchants can localize their domains to ensure customers can find the right store in their language.
  • Custom Switcher and Integration: Businesses can customize their store switchers, as well as integrate with other apps seamlessly.
  • Export & Save: Merchants can export their translation data and save to combine or access for future use.
  • Third-Party Integration: Integration with third-party apps allows merchants to have the complete customization and control.
  • Custom Solutions: langify offers custom solutions tailored towards each business to help them reach more customers.
  • Outstanding Support: There is a dedicated team available to provide support when merchants face any issues.
  • App Development: With over 10 years of experience, langify is constantly developing its app to provide better solutions.
  • Advanced Analytics: langify provides detailed analytics on website usage, giving businesses greater insights.


The Basic plan is charged at $17.50/month with a 7-day free trial. There are additional charges involved for auto translation words.