Rapidly personalize products with Customify's product customizer app for Shopify. Let customers design and print their own products with ease. Perfect for T-Shirts, Clothes, Phones Cases, Bottles, and more.

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Customify ‑ Customize Product

Customify ‑ Customize Product

Product customization, Customize Product App


Customify is a product customizer app for Shopify that helps store owners to rapidly and easily personalize products with a product tool. This app allows customers to design and print their own products on demand with a mere click of the mouse. It is the perfect content-centric app for stores selling T-Shirts, Clothes, Phones Cases, Bottles, or any other product that a customer may want to personalize. Moreover, it helps to take the store to a new level of customizing and ordering.


  • Language personalization: Allows customers to personalize products in any language.
  • Create your own Design: Your customer can create their own designs and view the results immediately in real time.
  • Add multiple images and text: Allows customers to add multiple images and texts to their product.
  • Extra cost Setting: Store owners can choose to add extra cost setting to their product.
  • Mobile-friendly: It is mobile friendly and offers an excellent interface to customize or design products on the go.
  • Preview & Approve: Store owners can preview and approve the designs before they are finalized.
  • Instant Design Sync: The designs are instantly synced to your shopify store.
  • Customer Preference Save: Customers can save their preferences for future customization.
  • Payment Gateways: Supports wide range of payment gateways for checkout.


Customify provides a number of pricing plans to fit a variety of business needs. There is a free plan available with a 14-day free trial. The other four plans, namely LITE PLAN, BASIC PLAN and, PROFESSIONAL PLAN are available at $10, $15 and, $30 respectively per month.