Localize your Shopify store with Hextom: Translate My Store & Currency. Offer a localized shopping experience with multi-currency and multi-language support.

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Hextom: Translate My Store

Hextom: Translate My Store

Multi language & currency, AI translate store & 3rd party Apps


Hextom: Translate My Store & Currency is an app which offers great convenience to Shopify stores by providing them a way to opt for multi-currency option. A store-owner can provide a localized shopping experience to customers, allowing them to view prices & pay at checkout in their local currency. With its multi-currency, multi-language, and third party app compatibility, Hextom: Translate My Store & Currency is a reliable and useful app for Shopify store owners.


  • Multi-Currency: Hextom: Translate My Store supports multi-currency, allowing customers to view prices & make payment at checkout in their local currency. This helps store-owners to provide a seamless and localized shopping experience.
  • Multiple Translate Tools: Hextom: Translate My Store offers multiple translate tools, including manual, AI and auto; which allows store-owners to accurately and quickly translate their website into multiple languages.
  • CSV Import & Export: The app allows store-owners to easily import and export the text to and from the website, giving them granular control over the translated content.
  • Visual Editor: The Visual Editor offered by Hextom: Translate My Store makes it easy for store-owners to make changes to the translated content and keep track of the updates.
  • 3rd Party App Integration: Hextom: Translate My Store supports 200+ third party apps and can translate text from all these apps; allowing store-owners to provide customers with a localized shopping experience.
  • Image Translation: With Hextom: Translate My Store, store-owners can easily and quickly translate images and the alt-text on their website, providing a better experience to their customers.
  • Currency & Language Switcher: The app comes with a currency and language switcher feature and works on 210+ themes by default, with no coding required.
  • AI Translate: Hextom: Translate My Store offers AI-based translation, which is more accurate and comprehensive.
  • 24/7 Support: The app offers 24/7 online and in-product support to address any queries or issue faced by store-owners.
  • Mobile & Desktop Support: Hextom: Translate My Store is compatible with mobiles and desktops, allowing store-owners to reach out to a wider audience.


Hextom: Translate My Store offers a free plan and 3 other subscription-based plans depending on the features required and the number of languages to be translated. The subscription plans are – BASIC PLAN at $9.99/month, PRO PLAN at $19.99/month and BUSINESS at $49.99/month.