Marketing Attribution Software for the Privacy-first era

Boost your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) with our privacy-centric, omni-channel marketing attribution tool that is powered by your first-party data.


Make AI-driven optimization decisions with actionable insights and comprehensive campaign analytics.


Harness the power of cutting-edge multi-touch attribution models to refine your marketing strategy.


Use our first-party identity graph for enhanced customer journey tracking and sales attribution.

 Maximize Marketing Channel Performance with Multi-Touch Attribution

Get accurate marketing insights by resolving GA4 discrepancies with our advanced multi-touch attribution platform.

Unlock the true ROAS of your marketing channels with advanced attribution

Achieve a unified view of marketing attribution across all channels, refining your marketing spends for maximum efficiency.


Eliminate attribution overlap and gain precise insights into channel performance for smarter budget allocation.


Delve into granular analytics for channels, campaigns, and creatives to fine-tune marketing strategies.


Benchmark diverse attribution models and refine strategies with AI-driven business intelligence insights.

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Drive higher ROAS with transparent Order & Product level insights

See how every order is given attribution credit across different ad & marketing channels. Deep dive into which marketing channels contribute to your top selling products & plan your product promotion strategy accordingly.


Find winning Customer Journeys & channels that contribute

View your top customer journeys, dig deep into customer behaviours with 100+ touchpoints, and identify channels that contribute the most across journeys. Strategise open targeting vs retargeting campaigns with new insights.

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Integrate with all your Ad & Marketing channels

Integrate with Ad & marketing channels you already use. Get started in minutes with 1-click integrations to Lifesight. Choose from 250+ apps to integrate from.

Integrate with all your Ad & Marketing channels

#1 Marketing Attribution Software powered by your first party data

Embrace the future of privacy-first marketing with confidence, with our first-party ID graph and robust server-side tracking that precisely attributes data across different channels. We identify, enrich & retain your marketing identifiers to mitigate signal loss up to 99%.

Elevate Your Marketing Efforts with Data-Driven Insights

Lifesight tracks every anonymous visit, maps it to your customer profiles, and sends conversion events back to ad channels in real-time. Give back power to your ad channels, and boost ROAS.

Using our native CAPI integration with Facebook, Google & TikTok, you can do all this & more in a single click, no dev efforts needed.

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Elevate Conversions with Targeted Customer Segments

Use our pre-built RFM segments, or create your own Segment using our drag-n-drop segment builder to capture essential customer actions, from purchase behaviors and cart abandonment to active site engagement.

Use enriched segments into custom audiences for your advertising platforms and run re-targeting campaigns that resonate with your needs.

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Power growth with Customer & Product Insights

Analyze CAC Payback & LTV with Customer Cohorts - Lifesight.webp

Analyze CAC Payback & LTV with Customer Cohorts

Find hidden patterns in your new vs existing customer cohorts. Double down on marketing channels & campaigns with confidence!

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Drive retention with RFM and Segments

Segment audiences with our pre-built RFM segments or create custom segments based on purchases, add-to-cart drops, page visits & more! Use these audience segments for remarketing campaigns in ad channels.

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Identify purchase patterns linked to marketing channels

Drill down to your most active customers, uncover their paths to purchase, and discover which channels contributed to purchases vs assisted conversions.


reduction in Cost Per Acquisition

Learn how a home equipment brand optimized their CPA and reduced ad waste with Lifesight’s Multi-Touch Attribution

Having access to real-time data is incredibly important to us — as it is to all DTC brands. We can now connect with the end consumer on a much deeper level than retailers. Having a transparent insight into the attribution journeys gave us the confidence to adjust our budget effectively.

Head of Performance Marketing,

Home equipment brand earning $11M in MRR

Trusted by leading Brands & Agencies worldwide

Spend with confidence & boost your ROAS!


Increase ROAS by up-to 40% & reduce CAC by up-to 35% with Lifesight’s world class attribution enriched with First-party ID graph & server side tracking.


1-Click integrations to all your ad & marketing channels, no devs required. Simply connect your store & marketing channels - and see the magic unfold!