Boost incremental retail revenue & profits

Identify revenue driver through the O2O customer journey using AI-powered unified marketing measurement, powered by incrementality intelligence.

Why Retail Brands Lifesight

Measure online & offline marketing

Measure online & offline marketing

Leverage holistic measurement to get the complete picture & make better decisions.

Reduce ad waste & improve ROI

Reduce ad waste & improve ROI

Continuously optimize your spend with a combination of experimentation & calibration.

Drive customer retention & LTV

Drive customer retention & LTV

Invest your marketing dollar and efforts on channels and tactics that are driving incremental KPIs.

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Redefine the way you quantify marketing success

Attributing retail sales to drivers are difficult and complex. Leverage AI-powered incrementality measurements to inform your marketing strategy & decisions.

Measure mROI across online & offline channels

Say goodbye to disjointed measurement, it's time to bring it together to get the full picture.


Build a custom MMM to optimize online and offline spend.


Validate incremental impact using nationwide experiments.


Leverage causal inference when experiments are not feasible.

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Plan, forecast & action AI-powered media plans

Easily build multiple marketing scenarios to predict incremental outcomes with confidence.


Understand the impact of your decision before implementing them.


Get recommendations on opportunities for optimization.


Track the performance of your decisions.

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Improve customer retention & LTV

Optimize all marketing activities based on achieving a collective incremental business KPIs


Analyze the impact of your online and offline marketing on KPIs.


Track your customer journeys and paths.


Uncover patterns & predict customer behavior.

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increase in conversions with smarter budgets

See how this leading electronics brand increased ad budget using Marketing Mix Modeling on Lifesight Measure

“Within months of optimizing based on Lifesight’s MMM insights, marketing ROI increased over 35%. MMM allowed us to redistribute budget to the most effective channels, tightening targeting and supports our marketing team's plans for growth.”

VP Marketing,

Electronics brand with $1.5M ad spend per month.


incremental lift in sales from social media ads

Read how a personal care brand increased ad budget with our Incrementality Measurement & Geo-Experiments

"Adopting Lifesight was a game-changer for our marketing team. The transparency it provides in terms of experiments and consumer interaction has been invaluable, allowing us to scale our initiatives, with enhanced engagement and sales."


Personal-care brand earning $130M in ARR