If you're looking for an efficient way to access, organize and manage your Shopify store’s inventory, saving time and resources, then you need to check out the best Import apps for Shopify. With a range of useful features, each app provides an effective solution for organizing product information, controlling inventory, and ensuring accurate ordering. Each app also offers their customers a range of customisable options, with professional support to help you make the most out of your store’s imports. In our comprehensive guide, we’ve rounded up some of the best Import apps for Shopify and detailed how they could benefit your store. So read on, to see which Import apps are best suited to your business needs.

Ablestar Bulk Product Editor

Bulk edit Google Shopping CSV Excel import export, metafields




For busy Shopify store owners, managing products can be a time-consuming affair. But with the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor for Shopify, you can manage products with just a few clicks, saving you time and effort. This app offers powerful filters, placeholders, and rules for editing or exporting products in bulk, and you can import new products or add variants to existing products with spreadsheets. With this app, you can quickly update products, add options to Google Shopping and Shopify Search & Discovery fields, and export products in various formats.

Amazon Associate Connector

Import Amazon products and reviews to your store




If you are a Shopify merchant looking to sell products from Amazon and earn affiliate commission, then Amazon Associate Connector App is exactly what you need. This app is specially designed for Shopify merchants and offers features that can help make the process of importing and maintaining products from Amazon simpler and easier.It is an easy-to-use app that allows Shopify merchants to import and sell products from Amazon very quickly and efficiently. With the help of this app, merchants will be able to import high-resolution images along with Amazon product reviews to display on the customer's Shopify store. Furthermore, merchants will also get the option ofprice and inventory synchronization and set up product feeds to enable automatic product updates. The Amazon Associate Connector App is available for free and includes additional charges may apply depending on the complexity of the setup. You can also avail of some FREE imports to get a first-hand experience of the app.

Amazon Connectr & FBA Sync

Import and sync products from Amazon Seller Central | FBA




Amazon Connectr & FBA Sync is an app for Shopify that allows users to link their Amazon Seller Account with Shopify for multi-channel selling. This app allows users to #Import from Amazon, #Inventory & Price Sync, and #Ship with FBA / MCF within Shopify. The app supports multiple regions and works with both FBA & FBM products. Amazon Connectr & FBA Sync features a variety of options such as importing all or specific items, auto-syncing prices and inventory, reverse FBM-sync option, latest APIs, auto-shipping with FBA/MCF, manual ship option, preview fees and shipping options and more. The app is available for free with a 7-day free trial and additional charges may apply.

DropCommerce: US Dropshipping

Fast 3-7 day shipping from high quality brands in US & Canada.




DropCommerce: US Dropshipping is an app created with Shopify merchants in mind to help them take their business to the next level. The app offers high-quality products from North-American suppliers, with delivery times of 2-7 days. With DropCommerce, you can experience the full benefits of drop-shipping without worrying about order tracking, delivery, and customer service.

Dropshipman‑ Ali Dropshipping

Fast and easy product sourcing and order fulfillment.




Dropshipman– Ali Dropshipping is a professional dropshipping platform for online retailers, providing sourcing, order fulfillment, and shipping services. It is the perfect solution for anyone looking to start a dropshipping business, as it can help them source high-quality and low-cost goods, quickly import products to their Shopify store with one click, and provide convenient services for order fulfillment and product quality inspection. Additionally, it allows brand building with branded packaging and storage services, and also offers users a personal agent and 24/7 customer service in various languages. This powerful app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is free to install with an optional 180-day free trial.

Dropshipmate ‑ Dropshipping

Import unlimited products from aliexpress, ebay, amazon more..




Dropshipmate – Dropshipping is the perfect Shopify app for store owners who are looking to earn additional income by drop shipping from online platforms like aliexpress, ebay, amazon, alibaba, dhgate, walmart etc. This app gives you all the benefits of drop shipping without the hassle of complex processes and wastage of time. It is an easy to use platform that allows you to quickly import products, customize and edit titles, descriptions, weights, tags, pricing and even automatically fulfill orders. With the 3 day free trail and plans ranging from $15 per month, Dropshipmate makes drop shipping and running an online business easier and more cost effective.

DSers‑AliExpress Dropshipping

Place 100s of orders to AliExpress in seconds & Find suppliers




DSers- AliExpress Dropshipping is a comprehensive and feature-rich app that has been designed to bring the best of dropshipping experience to Shopify. This app provides the ideal platform to help the store owners find better suppliers, import and manage products efficiently, and place bulk orders with ease. The app also provides a wide range of automations that make it easier to track and manage orders and helps store owners get better profits through its optimization capabilities. With DSers, Shopify store owners can efficiently process hundreds of orders and save time as well.

Easy Import ‑ Etsy Migration

Products import. Migration from Etsy made easy. Bulk import.




Easy Import – Etsy Migration is an app that makes it easy to move product listings from Etsy to Shopify. In just two clicks, you can migrate product titles, descriptions, images, and variants from Etsy, easily skipping any products previously imported. You can even assign products to collections during the import from the CSV file. This app is the perfect tool for Shopify owners looking to make the transition from Etsy to Shopify and quickly get their products listed!

Etsy App

Export products, import orders, data sync.




The Etsy App is a great solution for Shopify merchants looking to expand their reach to millions of potential new buyers on one of the most popular handmade-goods marketplaces. With Etsy App, all Shopify merchants can quickly and easily export their Shopify products to Etsy and manage their Etsy orders in Shopify hassle-free. Etsy App also makes the difficult task of keeping product data up-to-date a breeze, with its timely synchronization of prices, stock, and images—allowing merchants to enjoy their time elsewhere instead of continually entering duplicate data into Shopify and Etsy. With the Etsy App, Shopify merchants can tap into a new audience and increase sales without any additional effort or manual intervention.

Etsy Integration, Import

Import & manage products across multiple Etsy, eBay stores




OneEtsy is a Shopify app that helps merchants efficiently sync and list products to multiple Etsy stores. With its auto-optimized Etsy feeds, merchants can effortlessly maintain product information and enjoy a higher success rate. OneEtsy is equipped with a number of useful features to help Shopify store owners quickly reach over 40 million potential buyers on Etsy.

Etsy Marketplace Integration

Etsy listings, inventory sync, orders sync, easy integration




The Etsy Marketplace Integration app provides Shopify store owners a comprehensive solution to manage their product categories, attributes, and shipping in bulk. With automated and regular synchronization of related data, Etsy Marketplace Integration app makes it easier for store owners to personalize orders and ship them with or without tracking. To further simplify store management it also offers features like creating pre-existing Etsy products on Shopify or link to older unlinked products, as well as the capability to choose an inventory location to fulfill orders from if a store has multiple. Best of all, the app comes with a Free plan, 7-day free trial, and no additional charges may apply.

Hextom: Bulk Product Edit

bulk edit thousands of products, CSV import export bulk edit




Hextom: Bulk Product Edit is an app for Shopify stores that enables store owners to quickly and accurately bulk edit products and other store data with a few clicks. With Hextom: Bulk Product Edit, store owners can easily and safely edit thousands of prices in a few clicks using the advanced filtering system, as well as schedule bulk edits, CSV import export for sales, inventory sync, product launch, and more. Store owners also have the assurance that all changes are backed up and can be safely reverted without downtime. This app is simple to use and there is a no obligation free plan available for store owners to test the app before committing.

Importify ‑ Easy Dropshipping

Import Products Aliexpress Alibaba Amazon Etsy Walmart Shein




Importify ‑ Easy Dropshipping is an app that offers retailers and dropshippers the ability to find, import, and sell dropshipping products from 30+ popular marketplaces with ease. The app provides users with features like built-in editor for product descriptions, price, variants, and category as well as a powerful Spy feature that helps users scout rival stores. With Importify, users can easily manage orders from the Importify dashboard and automate their tasks, enabling them to spend more time nurturing their business.

inkFrog for eBay

Import, export or sync your products with eBay.




InkFrog for eBay is an app from the Shopify store that enables Shopify users to list to eBay faster than ever before. With InkFrog, Shopify sellers can export their eBay listings to Shopify and keep their eBay or Amazon orders and inventory in sync. It also allows users to create beautiful eBay templates.Ebay listing is made easy by this app, without having any hurdles and complications. It also has a feature of managing eBay like a pro which enables users to keep their store profiles completely up to date and list their products easily and quickly. inkFrog for eBay has four different payment plans, with a free plan, a Small plan ($11/month) a Basic plan ($19/month) and a Proffesional plan ($29/month).

Kopy ‑ Copy products

Copy and import products from any store in 1 click




Kopy is an excellent Shopify app designed to save you time creating products in your store. With Kopy, you can copy products from any store in just one click, importing them in bulk or individually and even making changes before import. The app offers a range of features to ensure efficient product creation and pricing plans that are both reasonably priced and offer great value.

MailerLite Classic

Email marketing platform with an intuitive UI with advanced tools




MailerLite Classic is a comprehensive email marketing platform for Shopify users that provides ease of use and powerful features. With MailerLite, Shopify users can easily design beautiful newsletters, create engaging landing pages, and send targetted campaigns using segmentation. The platform gives users the freedom to tailor the experience to fit their business needs. For example, they can use the custom HTML editor, unsubscribe page builder, and even set up dedicated IP addresses.The app is free to use with 1,000 subscribers, and for a fee, users can access additional features and increase their subscriber limit up to 50,000. For those in need of more, MailerLite even offers an unlimited plan.

Multichannel Importer

eBay, Amazon, & Etsy Importer. Etsy Review Importer & FBA




Shopify merchants are constantly looking for ways to save time and boost efficiency when managing their business. CedCommerce's Multichannel Importer App makes that task simpler by helping to manage product, inventory, and order data from multiple marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. The app's one-stop dashboard enables a seamless synchronization of data from multiple marketplaces on a single platform. The Multichannel Importer App by CedCommerce offers a wide range of features and benefits to make product and order management much easier. It offers features such as Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) order management, import of product reviews from Etsy, and CSV upload compatibility. The app also allows users to customize their product data, such as titles and SKUs, directly from the app. Additionally, the app offers 24/7 customer support from a team of experts.

PRO Importer For Amazon

Import products from Amazon Seller Central Account




The PRO Importer For Amazon app is an incredibly efficient and powerful tool that enables shop owners to quickly import products from their Amazon Seller Central account to their Shopify store. Developed by Xpert Importer, this app allows store owners to swiftly import products along with their variants, high-res images, and other related product data. Not just that, the app also allows sellers to continually sync their stock levels, prices and more with their Amazon Seller Central in just a few clicks. This will save shop owners a substantial amount of time when it comes to manually adding products.

Professional Importer For eBay

Import From eBay Seller Account With Real-Time Inventory Sync




Professional Importer for eBay is an app from Shopify that helps merchants easily import products from their eBay Seller account to their Shopify store. It allows merchants to synchronize their inventory and prices from eBay to Shopify in real time, fetch all of the eBay listings, and make sure newly-added items appear in both platforms. Professional Importer for eBay also allows merchants to set customized pricing rules to mark up prices for their Shopify store.

S‑BULK Excel Like Product Edit

Excel like spreadsheet editing metafields, csv, import, export




The S-BULK Excel Like Product Edit App for Shopify makes managing your product and variant data simpler and easier. With its unique GUI, you're no longer stuck with opening multiple pages just to get to the data you need. Instead, you have all of the information you need in one centralized view, and you can quickly and easily bulk edit or create products and variants. Best of all, you can get an import preview before you commit any changes so you can be sure that no mistakes are made.The app also provides programmable triggers and calculated fields for easy data transformation and assistance. You can also filter to quickly search for the products and variants you need. All of these features and more provide you with a powerful and efficient way to manage your data with ease.