Seamlessly import and sync eBay products to your Shopify store. Set customized pricing rules for your Shopify listings.

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Professional Importer For eBay

Professional Importer For eBay

Import From eBay Seller Account With Real-Time Inventory Sync


Professional Importer for eBay is an app from Shopify that helps merchants easily import products from their eBay Seller account to their Shopify store. It allows merchants to synchronize their inventory and prices from eBay to Shopify in real time, fetch all of the eBay listings, and make sure newly-added items appear in both platforms. Professional Importer for eBay also allows merchants to set customized pricing rules to mark up prices for their Shopify store.


  • Synchronize Inventory and Prices: Professional Importer for eBay allows merchants to keep the eBay and Shopify stores in sync with real-time inventory and pricing updates.
  • Automatically Import eBay Products: Professional Importer for eBay can automatically fetch and import all of a merchant's active eBay listings into their store. It also imports newly-added products on eBay to Shopify.
  • High Resolution Product Images: Professional Importer for eBay allows merchants to upload high-resolution images for their eBay products, including multiple variants, for their Shopify store.
  • Bulk Import Features: Merchants can import multiple products from their eBay Seller account to their Shopify store in bulk with the Professional Importer for eBay.
  • Set Individual Pricing Rules: Professional Importer for eBay allows merchants to set their own pricing rules for their Shopify store, so they can mark up prices or other customizations.
  • Automatically Update Variants: Professional Importer for eBay will update any changes to product variants automatically, ensuring that the listing on both eBay and Shopify are accurate.
  • Dedicated Account Managers: Professional Importer for eBay has dedicated account managers to help merchants with eBay template customization and removal.
  • Fully Secure: Professional Importer for eBay is backed by the advanced security provided by Shopify.


Professional Importer for eBay is available for free to install from the Shopify App Store. It then provides 3 pricing plan: Bronze which is priced at $20/month. Silver is available for $30/month and Gold plan comes at $60/month. As the plan prices increases so does the number of eBay items you can manage in that plan.