Integrate multi-channel selling with Amazon Connectr & FBA Sync for Shopify – featuring inventory management, automatic price syncing, and hassle-free FBA/MCF shipping.

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Amazon Connectr & FBA Sync

Amazon Connectr & FBA Sync

Import and sync products from Amazon Seller Central | FBA


Amazon Connectr & FBA Sync is an app for Shopify that allows users to link their Amazon Seller Account with Shopify for multi-channel selling. This app allows users to #Import from Amazon, #Inventory & Price Sync, and #Ship with FBA / MCF within Shopify. The app supports multiple regions and works with both FBA & FBM products. Amazon Connectr & FBA Sync features a variety of options such as importing all or specific items, auto-syncing prices and inventory, reverse FBM-sync option, latest APIs, auto-shipping with FBA/MCF, manual ship option, preview fees and shipping options and more. The app is available for free with a 7-day free trial and additional charges may apply.


  • Import from Amazon: Amazon Connectr & FBA Sync allows users to capture everything from Amazon including variants, images, prices, inventory, item categories & full product descriptions for quick and easy uploading to Shopify.
  • Inventory & Price Sync: The app allows users to sync inventory & prices from Amazon any time they want or set up an auto-sync to keep inventories up to date with minimal effort.
  • Ship with FBA / MCF: Fulfill orders on Shopify using the user’s Amazon FBA account. This feature allows users to leave stock with Amazon and fulfill both Amazon & Shopify orders with one dashboard.
  • Reverse FBM-sync Option: This option allows users to quickly update Shopify if there are changes in Amazon.
  • Multi-Region Support: The app supports multiple regions which makes it easier for users to take advantage of different market advantages.
  • Works with Both FBA & FBM Products: The app works with both FBA and FBM products so that users can easily switch between FBA and FBM as needed.
  • Latest APIs: The app uses the latest APIs for smooth and seamless integration with Shopify.
  • Auto-Ship with FBA / MCF: The app allows users to automatically ship orders with FBA / MCF for convenience and efficiency.
  • Manual Ship Option: If needed, users can manually ship orders with the manual ship option.
  • Advanced Options: Advanced options include a link button to Amazon, markup prices, an import scheduler, and more.


Amazon Connectr & FBA Sync is available for free with a 7-day free trial. Additional charges may apply to use the app’s features. The Basic maintenance plan starts at $6 per month.