Seamlessly migrate from Etsy to Shopify with Easy Import – Etsy Migration. Move product listings in just two clicks. Get started now!

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Easy Import ‑ Etsy Migration

Easy Import ‑ Etsy Migration

Products import. Migration from Etsy made easy. Bulk import.


Easy Import – Etsy Migration is an app that makes it easy to move product listings from Etsy to Shopify. In just two clicks, you can migrate product titles, descriptions, images, and variants from Etsy, easily skipping any products previously imported. You can even assign products to collections during the import from the CSV file. This app is the perfect tool for Shopify owners looking to make the transition from Etsy to Shopify and quickly get their products listed!


  • Move Your Products From Etsy in Minutes: Quickly migrate your product titles, descriptions, images and variants from Etsy to Shopify with just a few clicks.
  • Select Etsy Products CSV to Import Listings: Choose the product listings you want to import from the CSV file made available by Etsy.
  • Skip Previously Imported Products: Easily skip any products previously imported, no need to re-import them again.
  • Assign Products to Individual Collections During the Import: Assign products to individual collections while importing them from Etsy, so they are organized and easily found by customers.
  • Import URL and Title: Easily import the URL and title of the product listings to Shopify.
  • Import Product Descriptions: Import product descriptions into Shopify in just one click for easy viewing by customers.
  • Download Images: Download product images from Etsy and quickly add them to the Shopify store.
  • Add Variants Instantly: Quickly add any variants from Etsy to Shopify to make the products more customizable.
  • Quick Imports: EssyImpoert makes it easy to quickly move from Etsy to Shopify with fast imports.
  • Flexible Pricing: Easy Import – Etsy Migration app comes with a flexible pricing plan with a base price of 20 cents per listing and the first 10 listings imported for free.


Easy Import – Etsy Migration app is free to install on any Shopify store. There are additional charges for the listing import services with a base price of 20 cents per listing. The first 10 listing imports are free of charge, so customers can try out the service before committing to a bigger package.