Easily manage eBay listings on Shopify with InkFrog. Sync inventory, create eBay templates, and keep your store profiles updated effortlessly.

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inkFrog for eBay

inkFrog for eBay

Import, export or sync your products with eBay.


InkFrog for eBay is an app from the Shopify store that enables Shopify users to list to eBay faster than ever before. With InkFrog, Shopify sellers can export their eBay listings to Shopify and keep their eBay or Amazon orders and inventory in sync. It also allows users to create beautiful eBay templates.Ebay listing is made easy by this app, without having any hurdles and complications. It also has a feature of managing eBay like a pro which enables users to keep their store profiles completely up to date and list their products easily and quickly. inkFrog for eBay has four different payment plans, with a free plan, a Small plan ($11/month) a Basic plan ($19/month) and a Proffesional plan ($29/month).


  • List to eBay faster than ever before: InkFrog for eBay enables users to list their products to eBay faster than ever before. This helps to make their eBay listings more efficient.
  • Export eBay listings to Shopify: The app allows users to keep their eBay or Amazon orders and inventory in sync with Shopify, reducing manual effort and increasing accuracy of item listing.
  • Create beautiful eBay templates: InkFrog for eBay enables users to create beautiful eBay templates without any knowledge of HTML. This helps to get more attention to the listings and make them look professional.
  • Manage eBay like a pro: This feature enables users to keep their store profiles completely up to date, quickly and easily list their products, and handling multiple eBay accounts at once.
  • Comprehensive support: InkFrog for eBay provides comprehensive customer support, with live web chat and email support available.
  • Bulk upload eBay listings: This feature enables users to quickly bulk upload their eBay listings in a fraction of the time.
  • Scheduled reports: With scheduled reports, users can track their daily sales and performance, helping to identify areas for improvement.
  • Automated product sourcing: Automated product sourcing enables users to quickly source products from other eBay sellers.
  • Inventory synchronisation: This feature ensures that all products are kept up to date and in sync with any changes made in the eBay store.
  • Focus on customer service: InkFrog for eBay allows users to focus on customer service and build relationships with their customers, helping to build trust and increase sales.


InkFrog for eBay offers 4 different subscription plans - Free, Small, Basic, and Professional. The Free plan provides basic eBay listing and syncing functions, enabling users to keep their eBaystore profiles up to date, schedule reports, and list their products faster. The Small plan ($11/ month) includes additional features such as product sourcing and automated inventory sync. The Basic plan ($19/month) includes advanced features such as bulk uploads, instant eBay feedback rating, and integration with InkFrog OpenSource.The Professional plan ($29/month) includes all the features of the Basic plan, plus additional support for use with multiple stores.