Are you looking for the best Custom Products apps for your Shopify store? Look no further! This article explores the top-rated Custom Products apps that can be used to enhance your Shopify store. With these Custom Products apps, you will be able to create unique and personalized products for your customers and make your e-commerce store stand out from the competition. The apps provide easy-to-use design tools, catalogs, payment integrations, and other features. Read on to find the best Custom Products app for your Shopify store.

AOP+ Easy Print on Demand

Organic Print on Demand Fulfilment & Worldwide Dropshipping




AOP+ Easy Print on Demand app is a great solution for small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to turn their ideas into an online business. It offers high-quality print-on-demand services, enabling customers to only pay for what they sell. No stock, equipment or handling is required, and there are no startup costs! With industry leading fulfilment centers located in the US, UK, and Europe, AOP+ offers premium white labelled software solutions that include custom branding options and sustainable printing options like organic clothing and vegan-friendly options. It’s a fantastic way to get your business up and running without any extra hassle.

Custom Product Accordion Tabs

Accordions/Tabs for Product, FAQs or any store page.




Do you want to organize content on your product and store pages into tabs or accordions for better customer experience? Look no further than the Custom Product Accordion Tabs app for Shopify. This app allows you to select from curated styles that will automatically follow your shop theme for smooth integration. With it, you can further adjust the colors and icons if required and create individual tabs for information specific to each product. Create common tabs for information for specific collections or all products and choose tabs or accordion for desktop or mobile. Custom Product Accordion Tabs also make it easy to integrate with third-party apps, insert page tabs on any location and page with Shopify 2.0 app blocks, and choose from 5 style presets to choose from.

Custom Product Builder

Custom Options. Live Preview Product Customizer & Personalizer




Custom Product Builder is a Shopify app that helps you offer customers the ability to create custom products with unlimited options, logic, text areas and artwork uploads. This app allows you to have a “Build Your Own Product” experience with a live preview from every angle and it is compatible with Online Store 2.0 Themes. It can also help you move past the Shopify default 100 product variants limit and many more features. It starts at $7.99/month and has a 30-day free trial.

Custom Product Options

Add unlimited product options! Now with live product preview!




The Custom Product Options app for Shopify is designed to help merchants quickly and easily add unlimited product options. This comprehensive customizable options tool can significantly boost sales, engagement, and conversion rates. The app also features a real-time product preview that showcases how the customer's selections look on the product page.Custom Product Options empower merchants to build a more interactive shopping experience that can significantly enhance their store. This app provides a lot of options to customize products, add-on prices, and includes an intuitive user interface. Not to be outdone, Custom Product Options also offers a Width x Height calculator and an image picker for even more customizing options.Custom Product Options is a great asset to any Shopify store that wants to stimulate a more interactive shopping experience. The app is both cost-effective and easy to use, and it offers a 7-day free trial to get merchants comfortable with the platform.

CustomCat: Print on Demand

Lightning FAST Print-On-Demand Custom Product Fulfillment




CustomCat is a convenient print-on-demand solution that allows store owners to create and sell unique products with ease. With its quick fulfillment process, store owners have the ability to focus on marketing and other aspects of their business. The app enables store owners to sync listings, customize product mockups with images, create product templates and more. Moreover, the app also allows store owners to manage their product listings, check stock status and fulfill orders. CustomCat offers two different plans, CustomCat lite and Pro, with a free lite version available.

Customify ‑ Customize Product

Product customization, Customize Product App




Customify is a product customizer app for Shopify that helps store owners to rapidly and easily personalize products with a product tool. This app allows customers to design and print their own products on demand with a mere click of the mouse. It is the perfect content-centric app for stores selling T-Shirts, Clothes, Phones Cases, Bottles, or any other product that a customer may want to personalize. Moreover, it helps to take the store to a new level of customizing and ordering.

Customized Products on Demand

Built in Customization. Customers can add photos, text & more.




If you’re a business owner looking for an easy way to sell personalized and custom products to your customers, then Customized Products on Demand is the app for you. With Customized, your customers can easily design the perfect custom product with an easy-to-use customizer built-in to your store. With it, customers can instantly upload photos, add text, monograms, and clipart. Plus, customers can preview the products in 3D and augmented reality (AR) - an impressive feature to help make the sale.Customized also has hundreds of products to select from, including phone cases, apparel, mugs, and more. These products can be dropped shipped to your customers in 1-4 business days and with competitive pricing. You even have the option to sell pre-made designs that can be sold as custom or non-custom.The app includes a free plan and a free 30-day trial. Additional charges may apply, however, depending on your offer.

Dropified ‑ Dropshipping

Quickly Process 100's of orders + Sell MORE on ADDNL channels




Dropified - Drop Shipping for Shopify is the perfect app for merchants looking to increase sales and replicate their online shop into multiple stores. This cloud-based application helps users stay organized with orders, connects to a variety of suppliers to manage inventory, and automatically tracks orders and shipments. The platform also provides a selection of high-margin dropshipping merchandise from 50+ product marketplaces, giving buyers the opportunity to boost their profit margins while quickly adding products to their shop. It is a convenient and straightforward way to buy and sell items and with the 14-day free trial, entrepreneurs do not require an upfront cost to get started.

Gelato: Print on Demand

Print on demand for global creators




Gelato is a Print on Demand app that enables Shopify store owners to turn their ideas and designs into real products, and it is ideal for those looking to unleash their creative potential. It connects people, ideas and locations, allowing products to be sold anywhere in the world.Gelato offers accelerated shipping speeds, high-quality products and a global supply chain to reduce your environmental footprint. Plus, the pricing plans make it accessible to stores of all sizes.Gelato’s features allow store owners to easily create and sell custom print on demand products. The app offers a free plan and three other pricing structures that suit different business needs.

Hulk Product Options

Create options sets and batch apply to all of your products.




Hulk Product Options is a Shopify app designed to help merchants personalize products with a variety of options and build customizable product bundles. It is a great tool for businesses with products that need customizing or bundling and helps shoppers quickly find what they need. The Product Options app includes a set of powerful features that allow customers to upload photos and add a variety of customizations in bulk. This app is extremely flexible and can be used to filter products, customize the store layout, and add text messages to the website.

Printful: Print on Demand

Print-on-demand dropshipping service




Printful: Print on Demand is a great tool for Shopify store owners to create and sell custom products with print-on-demand dropshipping. Whether it's printed or embroidered t-shirts, wall art, blankets or any other product, the app makes it easy for store owners to get started or expand their existing business.One of the key benefits of this app is that it has a free sign-up and quick set-up process. This means store owners don't have to worry about upfront or hidden costs – they only pay when an order comes in. This makes the process incredibly convenient and cost-effective for store owners.The app offers a range of easy-to-use design tools for store owners to create or upload their own designs. It also provides high-quality products that will keep customers coming back for more and plenty of custom branding options including packaging, pack-ins, packing slips, and more.

Printify: Print on Demand

Create and Sell Custom Products, We Handle the Rest.




Printify is a Print-on-Demand app for Shopify that enables you to quickly and easily create and sell custom products around the world. With Printify, you can customize a wide selection of products in seconds, which includes apparel, accessories, and home decor. Using their free Mockup Generator, you can create one-of-a-kind designs to sell. Furthermore, Printify you also have access to a global network of print providers who will print, package, and ship your orders directly to your customers.

Qstomizer ‑ Custom products

The professional customize tool for custom products.




Qstomizer ‑ Custom Products is an app from Shopify that offers the ultimate in custom product design. It enables your customers to create their own unique designs for products such as t-shirts, canvases, jewelry, mugs, and dog collars. Qstomizer works by adding a powerful product customization app to your store. Customers can easily personalize their items with more than 200 pre-made product templates. Alternatively, you can create your own custom product template. In addition, customers can easily import images, PDFs, PSDs, CDRs, EPSs, AIs, QR codes, and more than 15,000 stock images. Qstomizer is a user-friendly product customizer and includes features such as multiple print area shapes, multiple sides, AI for background removal, Google/custom fonts, a powerful image editor, bulk variant selector, inventory control, pre-made templates, and a mobile version.