CustomCat: Print on Demand

CustomCat: Print on Demand

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Lightning FAST Print-On-Demand Custom Product Fulfillment

CustomCat: Print on Demand

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CustomCat is a convenient print-on-demand solution that allows store owners to create and sell unique products with ease. With its quick fulfillment process, store owners have the ability to focus on marketing and other aspects of their business. The app enables store owners to sync listings, customize product mockups with images, create product templates and more. Moreover, the app also allows store owners to manage their product listings, check stock status and fulfill orders. CustomCat offers two different plans, CustomCat lite and Pro, with a free lite version available.


  • Sync Existing Listings: CustomCat enables store owners to sync their existing product listings from their store quickly and easily.
  • Customizable Product Mockups: Store owners can upload images of their products to customize beautiful product mockups, which they can then publish on their store.
  • Product Templates: CustomCat allows store owners to create product templates, which enables them to mass publish product listings with bulk tools.
  • Manage Product Listings: Store owners can manage their product listings, view stock status and adjust fulfillment settings using the app.
  • Order Management: CustomCat enables store owners to manage all aspects of their CustomCat orders and fulfillment.
  • Bulk Product Listings: Store owners can publish and manage multiple product listings quickly and easily using CustomCat’s bulk product listing tool.
  • Customizable Shirts: CustomCat’s print on demand service also allows store owners to customize shirts and activewear.
  • DigiSoft Printing Technology: This technology makes use of digital techniques and inkjet printing to create unique and high-quality prints.


CustomCat offers two plans, CustomCat Lite, which is free to install, and CustomCat Pro, which costs $30 per month. The Pro plan is the most feature-rich and is available free for 60 days.