Launch your creative products globally with Gelato Print on Demand for Shopify. Access high-quality production, accelerated shipping, and sustainable supply chain.

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Gelato: Print on Demand

Gelato: Print on Demand

Print on demand for global creators


Gelato is a Print on Demand app that enables Shopify store owners to turn their ideas and designs into real products, and it is ideal for those looking to unleash their creative potential. It connects people, ideas and locations, allowing products to be sold anywhere in the world.Gelato offers accelerated shipping speeds, high-quality products and a global supply chain to reduce your environmental footprint. Plus, the pricing plans make it accessible to stores of all sizes.Gelato’s features allow store owners to easily create and sell custom print on demand products. The app offers a free plan and three other pricing structures that suit different business needs.


  • Customize Product Designs: Customize product designs with images, text and more using Gelato’s easy-to-use customization tools.
  • Automated Processes: Automate production processes with advanced print on demand technology.
  • Global Print on Demand: Get access to a global print on demand network to turn your ideas into real products.
  • Local Production: Use local production to reduce carbon emissions while bringing products closer to customers.
  • Quality Materials: Create a lasting impression with high-quality materials and print on demand technologies.
  • Advanced Shipping Rates: Take advantage of advanced shipping rates to ensure your products make it to customers on time.
  • Accelerated Product Delivery: Accelerate product delivery with strategic shipping locations.
  • Brand Protection: Protect your brand with sophisticated fraud monitoring tools.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Track and manage your store’s performance with real-time reports.


Gelato offers three pricing plans to suit different store sizes and needs. The free plan is perfect for small or new stores, while the GELATO+ and GELATO+ GOLD plans offer advanced features for larger or more established stores. The free plan includes a range of essential features and it is free to install. The GELATO+ plan costs $14.99/month, and provides advanced features such as order routing, fraud protection and set up support. The GELATO+ GOLD plan costs $99/month and includes additional features, including Brand Protection and Real-Time Reporting. All plans come with Local Production to reduce carbon emissions.