Offer customers the ability to create custom products with unlimited options. Live preview from every angle and compatibility with Online Store 2.0 Themes. Starting at $7.99/month with a 30-day free trial.

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Custom Product Builder

Custom Product Builder

Custom Options. Live Preview Product Customizer & Personalizer


Custom Product Builder is a Shopify app that helps you offer customers the ability to create custom products with unlimited options, logic, text areas and artwork uploads. This app allows you to have a “Build Your Own Product” experience with a live preview from every angle and it is compatible with Online Store 2.0 Themes. It can also help you move past the Shopify default 100 product variants limit and many more features. It starts at $7.99/month and has a 30-day free trial.


  • Live Preview with Multiple Product Views: One of the key features that set Custom Product Builder apart from the competition is its ability to offer customers a live preview from every angle of the product they are customizing. Whether it's a t-shirt, poster, or a mug, customers can change colors, add images or text and even get a 3D look at their design to make sure they are happy with the result.
  • Compatible with Online Store 2.0 Themes: Custom Product Builder is compatible with Online Store 2.0 Themes, so you don't have to worry about making sure that the app works with your existing website design.
  • Add Unlimited Custom Options (with Price Increase): In addition to the ability to preview your product, the app also lets you add unlimited custom options, like colors or sizes, with associated price increases. This helps make sure that customers can get exactly what they want, with the prices they are willing to pay.
  • Complex Conditional Logic: The app also has advanced conditional logic. This means that when a customer selects certain options for their product, certain other options will be skipped. For example, if a customer selects a color from a list of choices, the app can skip the question about what shade of color they want.
  • Print On Demand Artwork Templates Builder: If you want to offer products for print-on-demand, Custom Product Builder comes with a template builder. This lets you easily insert customer artwork or text onto a printable template so that it's ready to be printed.
  • Live Preview for Text Areas/Artwork: The app also lets customers see a live preview of the text and artwork they add to any product they are customizing. This means they can make sure they are getting exactly what they want before placing their order.
  • Inventory per Option: You can easily track the inventory levels of each product variant you offer and the app will adjust the availability of custom options based on what is currently in stock.
  • Add Complex Price Calculations Through Open Office Calc Integration: If you want to add more complicated pricing calculations, the app integrates with Open Office Calc and can easily apply complex formulas to automatically compute prices.
  • Pass 100 Product Variant Limit: With Custom Product Builder, you can move past the 100 product variant limit offered with the standard Shopify setup. This gives you the ability to offer an unlimited variety of products.
  • Bundle Builder Mode: This app also comes with Bundle Builder Mode which lets you create product bundles with multiple related items and discounts. This can be a great way to upsell customers on multiple items in a single purchase.


Custom Product Builder comes in several tiers, with the Basic version starting at $7.99/month. This version includes unlimited product options, complex conditional logic and integrations with Open Office Calc. The Customizer version is $15/month and adds the ability to create and preview templates for print-on-demand, as well as the ability to track inventory and pass the 100 product variant limit. The Personalizer version costs $40/month, and it adds interactive printable areas and templates for neon signs. The most comprehensive version, the Pro, is $60/month and it adds wholesale order discounts, bundle builder mode and more. There is also a 30-day free trial, so you can test out the features to see which version is right for your store.