Stay on top of Shopify inventory with Notify Me. Automate low stock alerts and back-in-stock reminders for efficient product management and restocking.

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Notify Me

Notify Me

Get out of stock & back in stock reminder emails.


Notify Me is an app that allows you to automatically receive an email reminder when products drop below their inventory warning level or run out of stock. This app is specifically designed to help Shopify store owners easily manage and re-stock their products and maximize sales. The app provides an efficient and reliable way to keep track of product inventory, send back-in-stock reminders, and re-stock the products whenever they run out. Notify Me provides powerful features that will help you to easily manage and re-stock your products. The app offers a customizable global email reminder for all Out of Stock products, as well as the ability to receive email reminders for specific products. It also allows you to send back in-stock reminders so that you can quickly restock and replenish your inventory, and maximize your store's sales.


  • Global Email Reminders: Receive email reminders for all Out of Stock products.
  • Product Specific Notifications: Receive email reminders of specific products.
  • Back-in-Stock Reminders: Send back-in-stock reminders when the product is restocked.
  • Re-stock Products: Re-stock the products whenever they are out of stock.
  • Manage Out-of-Stock Products: Easily manage Out of Stock (below inventory warning level) products.
  • Automated System: Automated system for managing inventory and re-stocking products.
  • Multi-Store Capability: Ability to manage stores from one central app.
  • Customize Notifications: Customize notifications for different stores.
  • Multiple Currency Transactions: Capability to transact in multiple currencies.
  • Affordable Price Plans: Affordable Price Plans start from just $4.99/ month.


Notify Me offers a 14 day free trial, giving users the opportunity to evaluate the app and experience its functionality before committing to a purchase. The app provides four different price plans: Extra Small ($4.99/month), Small ($8.99/month), Medium ($18.99/month), Large ($28.99/month), and Extra Large ($48.99/month). The different plans vary in terms of the number of stores and features they provide, allowing users to select a plan that fits their needs.In conclusion, Notify Me is an excellent app for Shopify stores that offers users the chance to easily manage and re-stock their products by providing automated email reminders. The app also offers customizable notifications, multi-store capability ,and multiple currency transactions, all at an affordable price.