Automate hiding out-of-stock products and publishing new items. Enhance shopping experiences and boost sales with relevant product listings.

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Wipeout Hide out of stock

Wipeout Hide out of stock

Hide Out of Stock & Sold Out Products Automatically


Wipeout Hide Out of Stock is a powerful Shopify App that can help merchants get the most out of their eCommerce store. The app automates the tedious and time-consuming task of hiding products that are out of stock and publishing newly stocked items. With Wipeout, merchants can make sure that their customers are only seeing relevant products, which can lead to better shopping experiences and higher sales conversion rates. Wipeout also offers various features such as bulk exclude products, 24-hour reverse hide/publish options, and manual or automatic hide/publish settings.


  • Automate Tasks: Wipeout Hide Out of Stock makes keeping your store inventory up to date a breeze by automatically hiding products out of stock and publishing newly stocked items.
  • Increase Conversion Rates: Hiding sold out products can keep customers focused on relevant items and therefore enhance their shopping experiences. This can lead to increased sales conversions.
  • Bulk Exclude Products: You can easily exclude certain products from the hide/publish process, such as seasonal items or items with long lead times.
  • 24-Hour Reverse Options: If you make a mistake or change your mind, you can quickly reverse your hide/publish within 24 hours.
  • Manual or Automatic Options: You can choose to run the hide/publish process manually or set it to run automatically once a day.
  • Easily Customizable Settings: Wipeout provides customizable settings to give you maximum control over your store.
  • Comprehensive Support: Our experts are always available to provide fast and knowledgeable support to address any needs that you may have.
  • Advanced Panel Reports: Get stats and reports about hidden/published items in one central place.
  • Multi-Store Capabilities: Easily connect several stores and manage them on the same dashboard.


Wipeout Hide Out of Stock offers a free plan as well as several affordable paid plans. The free plan offers the ability to manage hide/publish settings manually while the paid plans start at $9/month and offer the ability to run hide/publish settings automatically.