Are you looking for the best Inventory Management apps for Shopify to help manage and update your store inventory? There are many Inventory Management options available to choose from, but which ones are the right one for your business needs? With this article, we provide you with a list of the top Inventory Management apps for Shopify, along with essential features, pricing and compatibility. Each option is designed to help you keep track of your inventory, streamlining the process from end-to-end. With these Inventory Management apps, you can easily monitor the status of your inventory, automate the ordering process, and keep up with the ever-changing inventory needs. Make sure you pick the one that meets your requirements and will provide the best possible results for your business.

Appikon ‑ Back In Stock

Send Back In Stock Notifications via Email, SMS, and Push




Appikon Back In Stock is a Shopify App that helps to bring back customers to your store with automated back-in-stock alerts. It allows online shoppers to subscribe via email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and web push notifications to upcoming or out-of-stock products. Appikon can work with any theme and offers multi-location support. It’s trusted by Shopify Plus brands and has automated SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Web Push features.The Appikon Back In Stock app for Shopify provides customers and merchants an easy way to stay informed about upcoming and out-of-stock products. It eliminates the need for manual restocking emails and is great for those seeking an automated way to keep customers informed. It's trusted by Shopify Plus brands, and the setup requires no coding. Appikon works with any theme and offers a free plan, 7-day free trial, and three pricing packages available on a monthly subscription basis.

Bold Bundles ‑ Product Bundles

Bundles & Buy One Get One App.




Bold Bundles Product Bundles is a Shopify app that makes it easy to create product bundles. With Bold Bundles, users can create kits, sets and bundles and offer discounts on them. It also allows for users to create Buy One Get One discounts and promote bundle offers using the bundle widget on the product page.This app is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for creating bundles and offers attractive discounts to customers. It is ideal for businesses that want to increase sales with attractive offers and those who need to manage their stock efficiently.

DEAR Inventory

Retail, Advanced Manufacturing, Wholesale, WMS, Automation




DEAR Inventory is the ultimate inventory management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers enterprise-level inventory management, manufacturing, sales integration, reporting, and automation capabilities in an easy-to-use, cost-effective platform, specifically designed for small businesses.Through the use of multi-module inventory management technology, businesses can easily coordinate the many moving parts of their operations into one easy-to-use platform, eliminating time-consuming tasks, and facilitating real-time updates, while helping to streamline warehouse operations and fulfillment processes.With DEAR Inventory, businesses of all sizes can get a holistic and comprehensive view of production costs, inventory status, and sales reports across multiple channels, providing valuable data that can be used to inform more strategic decision-making.

EasyEcom Inventory Management

Multi Channel Inventory, Order & Shipping Management App




EasyEcom is a comprehensive inventory management app designed specifically for Shopify stores. It simplifies the process of managing and reconciling inventory, allowing merchants to efficiently run their operations more and focus on their business growth. As a multi-channel inventory manager, merchants have end-to-end visibility and control over their stock levels, no matter where it is sourced and sold. By automating purchase orders, invoicing, and more, EasyEcom makes it easier for Shopify businesses to stay organized and boost their revenues.


Multichannel Order, Listing, and Inventory Management Software




Ecomdash is a multichannel order, listing, and inventory management software that simplifies the process of managing and expanding an e-commerce business. With its easy-to-use web-based platform, users can manage orders, inventory, shipping, purchase orders, drop shipping, and listings with confidence. Ecomdash also offers an automated Inventory Import functionality for other channels and comes with a 15-day no-cost trial period. Prices are based on sales order volume, with enterprise options available.

Exchange It: Returns Manager

Easily Manage Refunds, Returns and Order Exchanges!




The Exchange It Returns Manager App for Shopify is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly and easily manage returns and refund orders from your Shopify Admin. The app is easy to use, and provides a range of features that allow you to quickly and efficiently manage your returns process. The app is priced at $9.99 per month, with a 7-day free trial.

Inventory Source

Sync Thousands of Dropship Products & Orders Seamlessly




Inventory Source is an all-in-one dropship inventory and order management software that helps merchants to easily and automatically streamline product uploading, inventory synchronization and order routing with dropship suppliers to a wide range of ecommerce sites, marketplaces and platforms. With over 230 dropship suppliers from around the world, merchants can access a large selection of products and eliminate the need for any manual file imports or exports. The app's easy-to-use interface also provides an easy way for merchants to manage orders and shipments all through the app, making Inventory Source an ideal choice for retailers of any size.

Katana Manufacturing ERP

Built-in inventory management, production, and reporting




Katana Manufacturing ERP is an inventory management and manufacturing software that supports in-house and outsourced production. Katana helps businesses to have a live look at all the moving parts of their business, allowing them to optimize inventory, manufacturing, production, and scheduling in one place. The app has several features that enable businesses to track batches, materials, and expiry dates while they sync stock and orders across all their online and offline stores (including POS). Businesses have access to a Shop Floor App with real-time production scheduling and clear task lists. Additionally, businesses are able to track inventory, raw materials, and purchase orders across multiple warehouses with Katana. Katana Manufacturing ERP is available for a 14-day free trial and three different plans that start from $129/month.

Materials Inventory

Raw Material Inventory for Makers & Manufacturers || ERP




Materials Inventory is an app designed for Shopify merchants and makers & manufacturers. The app helps to easily manage, organize and keep track of raw materials and products in real-time. It gives full visibility over expenses and profits along with the detailed information on all inventory movements. Merchants can use low inventory alerts and thresholds as well as customize and organize their purchase orders.Materials Inventory allows merchants to stop overselling, plan ahead and adjust their thresholds dynamically for an even better overview over their inventory. The app is intuitive and easy to use, so merchants can focus on their business instead of spending time and effort on grappling with data issues.

Multi‑Label Barcodes

Improve inventory management with custom product labels.




Managing inventory, keeping track of orders, and marketing products all require accurate labels on products and orders. With the Multi‑Label Barcodes app for Shopify, you can create customized labels that help you both manage inventory and market your products more effectively. This app works with a variety of barcode types, including Dymo, Zebra, Brother, Rollo, and TSC, making it easier for companies of all sizes to adopt barcodes for their shops. With features like customizable templates, Liquid code, and barcode sequences, you can make your labels unique to your brand and suit your specific needs. Additionally, Multi‑Label Barcodes make it easy to generate QR codes that can link to product pages and order pages, as well as inform customers of order details such as quantity and order notes.

Notify Me

Get out of stock & back in stock reminder emails.




Notify Me is an app that allows you to automatically receive an email reminder when products drop below their inventory warning level or run out of stock. This app is specifically designed to help Shopify store owners easily manage and re-stock their products and maximize sales. The app provides an efficient and reliable way to keep track of product inventory, send back-in-stock reminders, and re-stock the products whenever they run out. Notify Me provides powerful features that will help you to easily manage and re-stock your products. The app offers a customizable global email reminder for all Out of Stock products, as well as the ability to receive email reminders for specific products. It also allows you to send back in-stock reminders so that you can quickly restock and replenish your inventory, and maximize your store's sales.

Orderhive Inventory Management

Automate your eCom inventory, orders and shipping management




Orderhive Inventory Management is a powerful app for Shopify stores. It helps in automating the inventory, order, and shipping processes for multi-channel stores. Cin7 Orderhive is a centralized inventory management software which can be integrated with 300+ apps to manage orders, shipping, and inventory. Orderhive’s automation abilities mean that businesses can streamline their back-end processes, such as stock level and return updates. Leveraging real-time analytics and reports of inventory, orders, and customer details, users can have access to better decisions for their enterprises.


Streamline Your Fulfillment




Keeping up with the growing demands of online stores and managing multiple shops, Ordoro is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs. With Ordoro, you can streamline and simplify your shipping, order management, inventory management, and dropshipping business operations.Ordoro helps you to access deeply discounted shipping rates and batch print shipping labels, connect multiple sales channels and split orders, track and sync inventory levels over multiple warehouses, automatically route orders to dropshipping vendors and create Vendor Portals for suppliers. furthermore, you will get excellent support from Ordoro since they care about their customers and their business.

QuickBooks Online + Commerce

Sync your sales, refunds & payouts with QuickBooks Online.




QuickBooks Commerce is an app for Shopify that allows ecommerce businesses to easily manage their finances and inventory. QuickBooks Commerce implements a powerful cloud computing platform that synchronizes with Shopify to provide a central hub for fast, efficient accounting. Bundled with a full-featured version of QuickBooks Online, the app helps streamline the financial recordkeeping process by consolidating your sales and purchase numbers into one simplified system. QuickBooks Commerce features a customized onboarding session that provides you with an overview of the platform while offering personalized help when needed. Plus, the app provides access to 24/7 support, making it easy to resolve any issues that may arise. With QuickBooks Commerce, you can rest assured knowing all aspects of your financials and inventory management is covered.

Reports: Inventory & Sales

Inventory Reports, Sales Reports, inventory to google sheets




Reports: Inventory & Sales is a powerful Shopify app that helps sellers track their inventory and sales with accuracy and efficiency. It comes with highly advanced reports and custom reports generated from data exports, which can be used for sales and inventory analysis and for optimising inventory levels. This app also provides store owners with effective scheduling, replenishment planning, and alert notifications. With the free and paid plans available, it's an affordable and dependable tool for achieving maximum productivity.

Stock Sync: Connect Suppliers

Automate inventory sync for existing or new products




The Stock Sync: Connect Suppliers Shopify app is designed to help customers easily add new products and synchronize their product inventory from external inventory or warehouse management systems. With the Stock Sync app, Shopify merchants can quickly remove unwanted or discontinued products as well as share their product feeds with other merchants for dropshipping e-commerce solutions. The Stock Sync app offers 4 unique pricing plans ranging from free to $49/month, including a 14-day free trial to test out the features of the app. In addition to the pricing plans, customers can also use existing supplier templates to create their own product feeds or connect via an API connection.


Inventory Management for Shopify POS Pro




Stocky is an inventory management system for Shopify POS Pro that offers businesses the ability to optimize their inventory decisions, streamline their purchasing process, and utilize detailed reporting for informed decision-making. With Stocky, businesses can create and manage purchase orders, receive product recommendations based on their most profitable products, replenish their stock quickly, and conduct stocktakes. Benefits of using Stocky1. Optimize Inventory Decisions: Leverage Stocky to optimize your inventory decisions. Spend less time worrying about what products to purchase, and more time maximizing your profits with the best product mix for your business. 2. Streamline Purchasing Process: With Stocky, businesses can create and manage purchase orders, receive product recommendations based on their most profitable products, and replenish their stock quickly.3. Utilize Detailed Reporting: With in-depth reporting and stock analytics, businesses can make informed decisions and maximize their profits.

Sumtrackr Inventory Management

Inventory sync, Bundles, Purchase Orders & Low Stock Alert




Sumtrackr Inventory Management is a comprehensive inventory management tool for Shopify users. It offers multichannel syncing, bundles and kits, purchase orders, inventory reporting, and much more in one easy-to-use platform. By helping Shopify merchants keep their inventory in sync across multiple stores, managing bundles and kits, creating detailed inventory reports, and automating tasks, Sumtrackr helps businesses save time and money, making their operations more efficient and productive. Whether it’s a single store or multiple stores, Sumtrackr makes inventory management easier, giving store owners greater control and visibility into their stock.

Thrive by Shopventory

Multi-Location & E-Commerce Inventory Management & Analytics




Thrive by Shopventory is a powerful and comprehensive inventory management and reporting solution for Shopify multi-location and POS stores. This Shopify app helps users to save time, reduce costs, and make informed business decisions to help increase sales. With Thrive, users can connect multiple Shopify accounts, automate purchase orders to restock items, use a scanner to count, transfer and reorder products, and set up assemblies and workflows with manufacturing capabilities.Thrive by Shopinventory offers a wide range of features to help Shopify stores better manage their inventory and operations. With data-rich reporting capabilities by location and sales channel, users have access to detailed information about their inventory, stock levels, and sales. Automated purchase orders can be used to keep track of item restocking, and a scanner feature enables users to quickly and accurately count stock, transfer items, and reorder products. Furthermore, Thrive offers advanced features such as assembly and manufacturing workflows to help users take their businesses to the next level.