Boost sales with cross-sells, bundles, and product recommendations. Powerful conversion-boosting tools.

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Zoorix: Cross‑Sell & Bundles

Zoorix: Cross‑Sell & Bundles

Frequently Bought Together, Product Recommendations & Bundles


As an ecommerce merchant, you want to do everything you can to increase sales and generate higher profits. However, simply selling products is not always enough. With the right kind of targeting, you can increase sales even further. This is where Zoorix: Cross-Sell & Bundles Shopify App comes in. It helps to increase sales by enabling merchants to create cross-sells, bundle discounts, and product recommendations.Zoorix offers powerful conversion boosting tools, including AI product recommendations, bundle upsell offers with multiple bundle types & mix and match bundles, frequently bought together sets, cross-sell offers and a cart drawer especially designed for upselling & cross-selling. Moreover, the app allows for quick bundle promotion pages that are fully integrated with Shopify themes.


  • Cross-Sell Products: Zoorix allows you to create cross-sell promotions that automatically appear on the product page to customers. The AI-based product recommendations enable you to create better-targeted promotions.
  • Bundles & Mix & Match: Zoorix makes it easy to create bundle discounts that encourage customers to purchase multiple items at once. There are multiple types of bundles available, including AI-based, fixed, percentage and quantitative discounts.
  • Volume Discounts & Quantity Discounts & Breaks: You can offer customers volume discounts, quantity discounts, and quantity breaks. This helps to encourage larger orders and increase the average order amount.
  • Native Cart Drawer & Cross-sell Integration: Zoorix is fully integrated with Shopify themes. You can easily create a native cart drawer and cross-sell promotions that appear in the cart drawer.
  • Cart Builder & Cross-Sell Setup: Zoorix also allows you to quickly build a cart that includes cross-sell offers. This helps to increase the average order amount for each customer.
  • Multiple Formats for Product Recommendations: Zoorix offers different types of product recommendations, including static, carousels, and grids. This allows you to adjust the format to maximize the effectiveness of each promotion.
  • Bundle Promo Page: You can quickly create a bundle promotion page with Zoorix. This makes it easy to upsell offers and encourage customers to add additional items to their orders.
  • Mobile Optimized Shopping Experience: Zoorix is designed to be mobile-friendly, so customers can shop whether they’re at home or on the go.
  • Flexible Promotional Language: Zoorix offers flexible promotional language, so you can create offers in your own words. This helps ensure that the offers are in line with your brand.
  • Discount and Product Restrictions: You can set product restrictions and limits on the cross-sell, bundles and product recommendations. This helps to control margins and prevent customer abuse.


Zoorix offers a free plan, as well as three paid plans. The free plan offers basic features, while the paid plans offer access to more advanced features. Here is the pricing breakdown: • FOREVER FREE: Free• BASIC: $7.99/month• GROWTH: $14.99/month• PREMIUM: $29.99/monthAll plans offer a 30-day free trial, and additional charges may apply.