Boost sales with customizable 2D and 3D product designs. Automated processes for Shopify store owners.

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Zakeke ‑ Customizer 2D 3D

Zakeke ‑ Customizer 2D 3D

Customize products in 2D, 3D, AR. Boost sales & reduce returns


Zakeke ‑ Customizer 2D 3D is an all-in-one app that enables e-commerce store owners to boost sales and provide an enhanced product-customization experience. It provides customers with the ability to design and configure unique, custom product designs in 2D and 3D, while store owners benefit from Web to Print automation, dynamic pricing, and live quoting. With fully automated processes, store owners are able to quickly set up and manage their product customization capabilities, as well as integrate with preferred print-on-demand platforms.


  • Text & Image Customization: Allows customers to add text, images, change fonts, and adjust dimensions all from an easy-to-use interface, allowing them to create a one-of-a-kind product design.
  • Simulated Engraving: Whether you're looking to engrave a product out of glass, wood, or steel, Zakeke enables you to simulate engraving effects to give your customers the perfect custom product design.
  • 3D Product Configurator: Enables customers to build their own versions of your products, fully previewing their design in 3D, ensuring they get exactly what they wanted.
  • Real Time 3D View: Allows customers to view their custom item in 3D before they purchase it. This helps customers to get an accurate representation of what they are ordering while also helping store owners to reduce customer service inquiries.
  • Augmented Reality View: Augmented Reality (AR) technology enables customers to view their product designs in augmented reality, allowing them to visualize how the product will look in their space.
  • Get a Quote: Allows customers to send a request for a quote of the customization that they are looking for, enabling store owners to keep tabs on orders for items that may require further processing.
  • Web to Print Automation: Make it easy for store owners to quickly set up and manage their product customization capabilities, as well as integrate with preferred print-on-demand platforms.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Enables store owners to offer dynamic pricing based on the customization options customers select. This ensures that customers are only paying for what they need and incentivises them to create unique products.
  • Live Quoting: The live quoting feature allows store owners to produce a real-time quote for the customer's custom product, giving them an idea of the cost before the purchase is made.
  • In-Store Design Option: Store owners can offer customers the option of creating their own custom designs in-store, thanks to Zakeke’s integrated design tools.


Zakeke ‑ Customizer 2D 3D offers three different pricing plans ranging from $14.90/month to $99.90/month and includes a 14-day free trial. In addition, there may be additional charges for certain services such as integration with a print-on-demand platform.