Streamline customer experience on your Shopify store with easy inquiry management, multilingual SEO-friendly FAQs, and customizable plans. Improve customer satisfaction and reduce workload. Free and premium plans available.

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HelpCenter | FAQ Chat Helpdesk

HelpCenter | FAQ Chat Helpdesk

FAQ page, support ticketing, live chat, chatbots, product tabs


HelpCenter | FAQ Chat Helpdesk is an app for Shopify stores aiming to streamline customer experience. HelpCenter aims to take care of all the customer service tasks, such as managing inquiries from multiple channels, managing product descriptions, creating a multilingual, SEO-friendly FAQ page, and more. The app is divided into four plans ranging from a free plan to an advanced $100/month plan — each providing different level of customization, functionality, and support. With the app, businesses can manage their customer service tasks more efficiently, making customers more satisfied, and reducing the workload of the customer service team.


  • FAQ Builder: With the FAQ builder, businesses can create a comprehensive, multilingual, SEO-friendly page that integrates with their website.
  • Live Chat & Chatbot: Live chat and chatbot capabilities allow customers to contact businesses in real-time, making it easier to resolve issues quickly.
  • Ticketing System: The app's ticketing system allows businesses to manage all inquiries from multiple channels, such as email, chat, and FB Messenger, in one place.
  • Product Description Tabs: The app allows businesses to manage their product descriptions, shipping information, and other info using custom tabs.
  • Contact Form: Businesses can customize their contact forms via the app and choose from different templates for a more personalized experience.
  • Multi-shop & Multi-channel Support: With the app, businesses can use one account to manage several e-shops or communication channels.
  • AI-Driven Chatbot: The app uses AI-driven chatbot technology to provide accurate answers to customer queries.
  • Automation Tools: The app uses automation tools to streamline customer service tasks such as ticket assignment.
  • Reports & Analytics: The app provides data-driven insights into customer support efforts to help businesses identify areas of improvement.
  • Customizable Widgets: The app allows businesses to customize widgets for a more personalized look and experience.


HelpCenter | FAQ Chat Helpdesk offers four different plans for businesses. The Free plan is available for users to try out the app and offers basic features. For more advanced features, there is the Basic ($8/month), Standard ($45/month), and Advanced ($100/month) plans. Each plan offers different levels of customization, functionality, and support. The Free plan also includes a 15-day free trial which enables customers to explore the features before deciding which plan to go for.