The article titled “Best Reports Apps For Shopify” is a comprehensive list of the top ten Report Apps that are available to Shopify merchants. These apps have been carefully chosen based on their usability, features, and affordability. With these Reports apps, it will be easy to analyze store performance, keep track of trends and data, generate sales reports and analytics, and more. Each app’s specific features and benefits are showcased so that readers can make the most informed decision about which app is best for their business. Whether readers want to monitor store data or measure marketing campaigns, this article’s list of apps makes it easier to find the perfect report app for their Shopify store.

Advanced Custom Reports

Custom reports and 50+ Reports of Sales, Tax, Inventory, COGS




Advanced Custom Reports is a powerful and intuitive application for performing online store or point of sale analytics. It provides you with the flexibility to build custom reports, dashboards with metrics, and visualize data from your store. With Advanced Reports you can make decisions based on real-time data, build reports using the powerful report builder, and export them to Excel, Google Drive, or CSV format for future analysis and data comparison. You can also send email reports and metrics to yourself or other users on your team with just a few clicks. Advanced Custom Reports has something for every user and their budget. There’s a free plan for those who need basic tools, or a 7-day free trial for those who want to experience the advanced features and functionality of the application. Those needing more features can choose from the BASIC SHOPIFY, SHOPIFY, ADVANCED SHOPIFY, or UNLIMITED plans, each of which offer different levels of features and pricing.

Affilo: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, referral, Influencer, Ambassador app




Affilo: Affiliate Marketing is an all-in-one referral program solution allowing merchants to quickly and easily create their own highly-customized referral program. With Affilo, merchants can track unlimited numbers of orders, recruit unlimited numbers of affiliates, and set up commissions according to their own preferences. Affilo also provides comprehensive data, analytics and reports on the performance of their referral program and affiliates.

Avada Email Marketing & SMS

Increase sales with automated email marketing campaign & SMS




The Avada Email Marketing & SMS app is an excellent solution for Shopify merchants who are looking to further engage and convert their customers via omnichannel techniques, allowing for more personalized and reliable customer relationships. Through the App, merchants can deploy email campaigns, newsletters, SMS marketing, popups, personalization, and lead capture campaigns. This allows businesses to target their customers more effectively and efficiently, at a scale that best fits the needs of their organization. Along with Avada's AI-powered solutions, merchants are also provided with helpful reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing for improved data insights and customer segmentation.

BeProfit Reports & Analytics

True profit calculator, analytics dashboard & order metrics




The BeProfit Reports & Analytics app for Shopify is an incredibly powerful profit tracking and analytics tool. It offers a variety of solutions to help you get a clear picture of your store’s profits, helping you make informed decisions and take decisive action to increase sales and grow your business.BeProfit integrates with your existing store platform, marketing channels, payment processor, and shipping accounts to ensure that your data is as accurate as possible. It also allows you to schedule custom reports and have them emailed directly to you, analyze customer lifetime value using cutting-edge cohort analysis, and optimize ads, email campaigns, affiliates, and influences with UTM tracking.BeProfit also offers a free plan for users who want to try out its features, as well as a 14-day free trial for those who want to try out its advanced features. Additionally, there are 3 paid plans with varying features and prices, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs.

Better Reports

Reporting & analytics. Explore your data and automate reports.




Better Reports is a powerful reporting and analytics app for Shopify. It helps merchants unlock the full potential of their store data by enabling them to explore, analyze, and automate their reports. There are over 100 pre-built reports and the ability to create custom reports for free. It also integrates with Google Sheets, giving your team access to reports in real-time. For stores with POS, multi-store, and multi-currency needs, Better Reports is an ideal platform to gain complete insights into their store performance.

Data Export IO: Reports

Easy pre-made reports: customize, filter, schedule, and more.




Data Export IO: Reports is an app for Shopify that can automate your reporting and summarize all store data. It includes pre-made reports on categories like Sales, Taxes, Inventory, POS, Payouts, Orders, Customers, Refunds, etc. The app also includes a report builder with live record preview, line item details and summaries by week or custom fields. Plus, you can export friendly versions in formats including Excel, CSV, PDF among others, and password-secure to limit access. With the free plan, you have 15-day free trial and there’s also offers for Shopify Basic, Shopify and Advanced Shopify stores available.

DataChamp Excel & CSV Exports

Export Orders, Products, Customers to FTP/Dropbox/Email/Google




DataChamp Excel & CSV Exports is an app for Shopify that provides a comprehensive solution for creating custom CSV/Excel exports for orders, products, and customers. With DataChamp, Shopify merchants have the flexibility to deliver their exports daily, hourly, or at any other preferred time, with the option to export one separate file per order or use incremental exports. In addition, merchants can customize every aspect of their exports such as using variables, evaluation of mathematical expressions, and use of custom fields or meta fields added by other apps.

DrDownload Digital Downloads

Sell Digital Products, Ebooks, Music, NFT, Any Files&Downloads




DrDownload Digital Downloads is a Shopify app designed to automate the delivery of digital products. By using DrDownload, store owners can easily host and store files, enabling quick downloads with fast server speeds. DrDownload offers four different plans to choose from that are affordable and offer a free trial. The app is ideal for any shop, regardless of the type of digital product that is for sale, from music files to e-books, and more.


Multichannel Order, Listing, and Inventory Management Software




Ecomdash is a multichannel order, listing, and inventory management software that simplifies the process of managing and expanding an e-commerce business. With its easy-to-use web-based platform, users can manage orders, inventory, shipping, purchase orders, drop shipping, and listings with confidence. Ecomdash also offers an automated Inventory Import functionality for other channels and comes with a 15-day no-cost trial period. Prices are based on sales order volume, with enterprise options available.

EXPORT OrderPro: Order reports

Easily generate customized reports on the fly and scheduled




EXPORT OrderPro is an incredible application designed for shopify stores to help them in customizing, exporting and automating their orders with ease. With the drag-and-drop report builder, easily customize the reports according to different specifications and also integrate product images. Reports that can be securely converted into excel, CSV, or HTML formats and then manually sent or automatically scheduled via email, FTP, or IFTTT. With this app, you don’t have to worry about the order status being updated since it is in real-time.

EZ Exporter ‑ Data Exports

Export orders, products & more to FTP, Google Sheets, etc.




EZ Exporter – Data Exports is an intuitive app for Shopify that allows you to easily, quickly and efficiently customize, automate and export data from the Shopify platform. This app is an essential tool for online business owners and store operators who wish to gain insights on their store operations, customer and purchase patterns, as well as stock levels, from the raw data generated within the Shopify platform. With EZ Exporter’s powerful set of features you are able to generate and download fully customizable reports, export to different destinations, such as email, FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, Google Sheets, and much more. The app is suitable for all types of merchants, whether you are a new shopkeeper or a veteran e-commerce professional, and the cost is budget friendly.

Invoice Browse

Automatically send colorful PDF invoices as email attachments.




Invoice Browse is an app solution to shopify stores all over the world. The purpose of the app is to create and print colorful PDF invoices that will tell your story. The app permits customers to easily print invoices with QRCodes that provide a scan to open invoices. AirPrint printers are supported. With 17 different color palettes, Invoice Browse will impress customer with the design of their invoices.

Post & DHL Shipping Labels

Automation, Bulk, Tracking, Returns, Invoices, Packing Lists




Do you run a business and need shipping labels for your packages? Look no further than Post & DHL Shipping Labels. This app is the perfect solution for merchants on Shopify to easily create and print mailing labels with just a few clicks. The app also offers powerful features such as the ability to share tracking information with clients in real-time, fully automated processes, and integration with national and international services.

Profitario ‑ Profit Analytics

Track your Profit, Revenue, Expense and more in one Dashboard.




Profitario is Shopify's comprehensive Profit Analytics app that brings you a suite of features for getting the financial health of your store in order. Especially designed for Shopify store owners and their finance departments, this app imports your store data from sources like Shopify, Aliexpress, Facebook Ads, PayPal and many more, helping you analyze and report your net profit, margins, disputes, and even customer lifetime value effortlessly. With Profitario's easy-to-use integrations, you can now save multiple hours of time each day and gain a clear insight into your store's performance.

QuickBooks Online Global

Sync your sales channel with QuickBooks Online (Global Only)




QuickBooks Online Global is an app designed to help Shopify merchants automate the bookkeeping process. This app is designed to help merchants save time and stay ahead of their bookkeeping when they integrate with QuickBooks Online International. When integrated, merchants are able to connect their Shopify storefronts to QuickBooks Online to track income and expenses, maximize tax deductions, and more. It also provides merchants with an automated way of entering invoices, customers, and products from Shopify to QuickBooks Online to help reduce manual data entry and errors. Additionally, it shares new products from Shopify to QuickBooks Online and synchronizes inventory and accounting data between both platforms.

Quickbooks Sync by Bold

Accurate and EASY way to connect & auto-sync with QUICKBOOKS!




Quickbooks Sync by Bold is an app for Shopify that syncs orders, payments, and fees from Shopify to Quickbooks. It takes all the data from Shopify and imports it into Quickbooks, allowing merchants to have a full understanding of their financial data. From refunds to line items, Quickbooks Sync by Bold provides an easy way to export order information from Shopify and maintain accurate financial reporting.The app also offers powerful and beautiful reports to better understand financial data, as well as import products and inventory levels from Quickbooks into Shopify. This makes it an ideal app for tax reporting, ensuring merchants have all the information they need to create accurate and up-to-date reports.

Reports: Inventory & Sales

Inventory Reports, Sales Reports, inventory to google sheets




Reports: Inventory & Sales is a powerful Shopify app that helps sellers track their inventory and sales with accuracy and efficiency. It comes with highly advanced reports and custom reports generated from data exports, which can be used for sales and inventory analysis and for optimising inventory levels. This app also provides store owners with effective scheduling, replenishment planning, and alert notifications. With the free and paid plans available, it's an affordable and dependable tool for achieving maximum productivity.

XERO Integration by Bold

Easiest & automated XERO sync & export for reconciliation




Bold’s Xero Integration for Shopify allows ecommerce store owners to effortlessly export their Shopify orders directly into Xero for seamless financial reporting. This app uses an automated process that ensures every order is included with all the line items, shipping, and taxes. Merchants can also enjoy the powerful reports Xero has to offer with the integration. With Xero Integration by Bold, store owners get access to global tax support, refunds on line items, shipping, and taxes, and the ability to import customer information associated with orders.

Xporter Data Export & Reports

Highly customizable, automated reports and data file exports




Xporter Data Export & Reports is an automatic data exporting and reporting app for Shopify. With Xporter, users gain access to hidden data that can be organized into custom formatted reports. Using Liquid, calculations and filters can be applied to organized data from various sources, including meta fields, line item properties, and more. Xporter then enables the export of the data to other systems, vendors, warehouses, and staff via email or SFTP.Xporter is a powerful data export and reporting tool made to get the most out of Shopify. It enables users to craft precise, customizable reports and data exports in any format with the use of Liquid. All data sources are made easily accessible so that you can organize them into custom-formatted reports with flexible calculations and filters. Xporter then allows you to export this data to other systems, vendors, warehouses and staff via email or SFTP, or store it securely in the application for future reference.