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DataChamp Excel & CSV Exports

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DataChamp Excel & CSV Exports

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DataChamp Excel & CSV Exports is an app for Shopify that provides a comprehensive solution for creating custom CSV/Excel exports for orders, products, and customers. With DataChamp, Shopify merchants have the flexibility to deliver their exports daily, hourly, or at any other preferred time, with the option to export one separate file per order or use incremental exports. In addition, merchants can customize every aspect of their exports such as using variables, evaluation of mathematical expressions, and use of custom fields or meta fields added by other apps.


  • Create custom CSV/Excel exports: With DataChamp, users can easily create custom exports of Shopify orders, products and customers, with the option to evaluate mathematical expressions and use of variables.
  • Customize Exports: DataChamp offers Shopify merchants the flexibility to customize every aspect of their exports and tailor them to their specific needs.
  • Delivery Frequency: DataChamp allows users to deliver their exports daily, hourly, or at any other preferred times.
  • Export for Further Processing: With DataChamp, Shopify merchants have the ability to integrate the app with other systems or suppliers for further processing.
  • Incremental Exports: With DataChamp, users can utilize incremental exports, or export one separate field per order.
  • Use of Variables and Evaluation of Mathematical Expressions: With DataChamp, users have the ability to use variables and perform evaluation of mathematical expressions
  • Support of Custom Fields and Metafields: DataChamp allows users to export any custom field or metafields added by other apps.
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis: Insightful reports of custom data in Shopify can be easily obtained with the help of DataChamp.
  • Easy Scheduling and Automation of Reports: DataChamp can be easily scheduled for automated reports for a set frequency.
  • Comprehensive Support: DataChamp excels with its threshold-based customer support service and detailed knowledge base.


DataChamp Excel & CSV Exports offers a variety of pricing plans according to the user’s needs, ranging from a free plan to enterprise plans. The free plan offers basic features while the Basic, Professional, and Enterprise plans come with increasingly advanced features. The Basic plan is offered at a monthly fee of $9.95, the Professional plan costs $24.95/month, and the Enterprise plan costs $39.95/month.