Export hidden data, create custom reports with Xporter for Shopify. Easily organize and share data.

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Xporter Data Export & Reports

Xporter Data Export & Reports

Highly customizable, automated reports and data file exports


Xporter Data Export & Reports is an automatic data exporting and reporting app for Shopify. With Xporter, users gain access to hidden data that can be organized into custom formatted reports. Using Liquid, calculations and filters can be applied to organized data from various sources, including meta fields, line item properties, and more. Xporter then enables the export of the data to other systems, vendors, warehouses, and staff via email or SFTP.Xporter is a powerful data export and reporting tool made to get the most out of Shopify. It enables users to craft precise, customizable reports and data exports in any format with the use of Liquid. All data sources are made easily accessible so that you can organize them into custom-formatted reports with flexible calculations and filters. Xporter then allows you to export this data to other systems, vendors, warehouses and staff via email or SFTP, or store it securely in the application for future reference.


  • Intuitive Report Editor: An intuitive editing interface that makes it easy to locate and organize data from various sources.
  • Dozen of Ready-made Reports: Comes with dozens of pre-made reports that can be used as-is, or customized to your specific needs.
  • Comprehensive Data Support: Supports Excel, CSV, Text and XML files.
  • Scheduling Options: Allows scheduled exporting of data via email or SFTP.
  • Extended Liquid Support: Access to an extended Liquid library for custom calculations and filter applications.
  • Advanced Security: Secures data with double encryption and token-based authentication.
  • Metafields Support: Access to data stored in Shopify's Metafields.
  • Dynamic Filtering Options: Filtering options based on data such as currency, date and time, location, and more.
  • Automation: Automatically sends relevant data to other systems, vendors, and more via email or SFTP.
  • Support: Users have access to 5-star support team to help with setup and other tasks.


Xporter is available for download for free on the Shopify App Store, but offers subscription plans for expanded features. The Basic plan is available for $7/month with a 7-day free trial. It includes the following features: access to over dozen of starter reports, Excel, CSV, and TXT file support, and access to extended Liquid library for custom calculations and filters. The Essential plan adds access to Metafields, dynamic filtering options, and automation for $15 per month. And the Professional plan adds advanced security for double encryption and token-based authentication for $45/month. Overall, Xporter provides an incredible tool for Shopify users who want to take advantage of their store data and generate dynamic reports. The intuitive report editor, extended Liquid support, and automation options make it the ideal choice for businesses who need something more than just the standard Shopify exports.