Streamline your Shopify operations with Ordoro, centralizing shipping, inventory, and order management with discounted rates and channel synchronization.

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Streamline Your Fulfillment


Keeping up with the growing demands of online stores and managing multiple shops, Ordoro is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs. With Ordoro, you can streamline and simplify your shipping, order management, inventory management, and dropshipping business operations.Ordoro helps you to access deeply discounted shipping rates and batch print shipping labels, connect multiple sales channels and split orders, track and sync inventory levels over multiple warehouses, automatically route orders to dropshipping vendors and create Vendor Portals for suppliers. furthermore, you will get excellent support from Ordoro since they care about their customers and their business.


  • Shipping: Access deep discounts for shipping rates and batch print shipping labels.
  • Order Management: Connect multiple sales channels, split orders, and add automation.
  • Inventory Management: Track and sync inventory levels over multiple warehouses.
  • Dropshipping: Automate order routing to dropshipping vendors and create Vendor Portals for suppliers.
  • Support: Experience a support team that cares about your business.
  • Multi-channel Integration: Integrates with multiple online stores and multiple sales channels.
  • Automated Order Fulfillment: Automatically fulfill orders based on preferred shipping rules.
  • Shipping Label Automation: Simplify the process of printing shipping labels.
  • Multi-warehouse Support: Sync inventory levels across multiple warehouses.
  • Real-time Reporting: Generate insightful reporting with real-time data.


Ordoro is free to use and comes with a free 15-day trial. The ESSENTIALS plan costs nothing. The ADVANCED plan costs $59/month. The PREMIUM plan costs $149/month, while the ADD-ON MODULES go up to $50/month.For users looking for extra features and higher value services, the premium plans offer the best value for money. The Add-on Modules are a great solution for businesses looking for more specific functionality for their business.