Manage Shopify inventory and orders effortlessly with Orderhive, featuring centralized software and extensive app integrations for streamlined operations.

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Orderhive Inventory Management

Orderhive Inventory Management

Automate your eCom inventory, orders and shipping management


Orderhive Inventory Management is a powerful app for Shopify stores. It helps in automating the inventory, order, and shipping processes for multi-channel stores. Cin7 Orderhive is a centralized inventory management software which can be integrated with 300+ apps to manage orders, shipping, and inventory. Orderhive’s automation abilities mean that businesses can streamline their back-end processes, such as stock level and return updates. Leveraging real-time analytics and reports of inventory, orders, and customer details, users can have access to better decisions for their enterprises.


  • Automate Mundane Tasks: With automated processes, businesses can save time, effort and money. One can easily manage orders, shipping, returns, and even sync orders for multiple stores.
  • Order Management: Easily integrate, execute, and manage orders for multiple Shopify stores with Orderhive. The app’s ability to connect with 300+ shipping providers provides connected solutions to streamline shipping processes.
  • Automate Stock Level Updates: With real-time updates, you can be up to date with every new order and can increase or decrease stock levels accordingly.
  • Push updated Order Status and Shipping Information: Automatically push updated order status and shipping information to provide customers with their order details
  • Automatically Sync Returns: Track available inventory with automated syncing of returns.
  • Real-time analytics and Reports: Leverage real-time analytics and reports for a thorough understanding of your inventory, orders, and customer details
  • Integrate with 300+ apps: With the ability to integrate with more than 300 apps, you can manage your store from one place.
  • Pricing Plans: Orderhive offers four pricing plans – Essentials, Pro, Pro Plus, and Enterprise – depending upon the business requirements of the users.
  • 15-day Trial: Get a trial plan for 15 days and make use of the app before buying its plans.
  • Additional Charges: Additional charges may apply in case of usage over the limit.


Orderhive Inventory Management app offers four unique plans to fit the different business requirements of retailers – with the Essentials pricing plan at $125/month, the Pro pricing plan at $225/month, the Pro Plus pricing at $325/month and the Enterprise pricing being the most costly at $500/month. Users can take advantage of the 15-day free trial and even use it without paying initially. However, additional charges may apply if the usage of the app exceeds the limits of the plan. Overall, Orderhive Inventory Management app is an ideal tool for Shopify stores that are looking for order, shipping, and inventory automation. The app offers ease of use and flexibility to handle every back-end task from a single console. With real-time analytics, reports, and the ability to integrate with 300+ apps, Orderhive Inventory Management can provide great value for its users.