Create product bundles on Shopify with MBC Bundles. Increase sales with starter kits, mystery boxes, and automated inventory management features.

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MBC Bundles ‑ Bundle Products

MBC Bundles ‑ Bundle Products

Bundle with own product page | Upsell | AI-based bundle widget


The MBC Bundles ‑ Bundle Products app is a great tool for Shopify store owners to easily and quickly create custom bundles from related products. The app makes it simple to create starter kits, mystery boxes, shop the look, and other similar items to help increase their sales. It also provides features such as automated inventory management and syncing with 3rd party inventory management, advanced discounts like free shipping and free product, and multiple bundle types. In addition, it is easy to customize and mobile-friendly and can work with any Shopify Theme, including Theme 2.0.


  • Combo: Sell related products as a single unit for one price with its own Product page.
  • More Bundle Types: Frequently Bought Together, Buy One Get One, Mix & Match, and more.
  • Multi-position: Allows customers to add more than one product to a bundle.
  • Advanced Discounts: Offers discounts like Volume, Fixed, Percentage, Free Shipping, and Free Product.
  • Automated Inventory Management: Helps streamline inventory management.
  • Sync with 3rd Party Inventory Management: Seamless integration with 3rd party inventory systems.
  • Multiple Bundle Types: Create starter kits, mystery boxes, shop the look, gift guides, PACKs and more.
  • Fully Customizable: Allows store owners to customize bundles to suit their needs.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Ensures users can quickly and easily access and use the app.
  • Compatible with All Shopify Themes: Compatible with any Shopify Theme and Theme 2.0.


The MBC Bundles ‑ Bundle Products app is available in three different pricing plans for customers to choose from: Growth tier 1, growth tier 2 and growth tier 3. The Growth tier 1 plan is the most basic and is priced at $9/month. The Growth tier 2 plan is suitable for businesses with more advanced needs and is priced at $17.99/month. Finally, the Growth tier 3 plan is designed for customers who need the most advanced features and is priced at $29.99/month. All plans come with a 7-day free trial and additional charges may apply.