Cookieless marketing is what everyone is talking about, and brands are getting more and more conscious of owning first-party data, for them to fly through these changing times easily. It is imperative for brand owners to start consolidating the wealth of first-party data they generate by means of Digital interactions, store walkins, CRM data, etc. with their users; unify and convert those data events into an identifiable data currency which can be used for remarketing, business intelligence, strategy building, etc.

In this webinar Pooja Gupta, Lifesight’s Director of Sales, MENA, addresses the challenges faced by brands regarding first party data and how you can power this data with Lifesight customer graph which is designed to help navigate through the cookieless world.

Download the webinar to learn:

Why do brands need to consolidate their 1st party data?

How can Lifesight help you build 1st party data right from scratch?

How to enrich your audience data with online and offline behaviours?

How to activate your data using Lifesight’s customer intelligence platform?

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