Panel Discussion

Supercharge your incremental growth from paid marketing in 2024

Our expert panel demystify incrementality testing methodologies, strategies, and key considerations for effective growth in 2024



About the event

As iOS 17 and GA4 reshape the attribution landscape, savvy marketers are turning to incrementality testing and advanced attribution to make informed media investment choices Yet, the complexity of incrementality leaves many unsure about its functionality, starting points, and the right solutions for their brands. Our expert panel demystify incrementality methodologies, strategies, and key considerations for effective utilization.


What you can expect to learn from the session:

  1. The evolution of media attribution and the influence of data privacy.
  2. Understanding incrementality testing and its application for various brands.
  3. Types of incrementality testing and its benefits
  4. Key insights into incrementality measurement across major media platforms in 2023.
  5. Reducing cannibalization and boosting incrementality
  6. Practical tips on integrating incrementality into your attribution approach, and its synergy with methods like MMM


Behind the Mic

Andy Donaldson

Andy Donaldson

Founder, Revenue Growth Agency

Founder of Revenue Growth Agency, where he helps luxury brands overcome revenue growth ceilings by using the art of stor...

Sven Muchow

Sven Muchow

Founder, Muchow Marketing

Founder of Muchow Marketing, a TikTok-first Marketing agency that helps E-Commerce brands with $3M+ revenue scale their ...