Panel Discussion

Forecasting incremental revenue growth; a marketing or finance responsibility?

Join our expert panel as they break down the debate of ownership of incremental revenue forecasting



19th April 2024, 9 AM PDT

About the event

Over the years, marketers have been largely responsible for the depreciation of the CMO role in the eyes of the C-Suite, which has had a detrimental effect on brand businesses. Three years ago, a Deloitte CMO survey highlighted that CMOs were not fulfilling their obligations beyond managing brand recognition, brand value, and specific tactics. In that study, 34% of the 200 responding CMOs claimed that their role within their organization was that of a "storyteller." In comparison, only 20% indicated that they were identifying and mapping new avenues for revenue. This indicates that CMOs prioritized their role as the "Mother Goose" of marketing, rather than focusing on revenue outcomes. Consequently, if the CMO fails to demonstrate how marketing strategies and activities contribute to high-quality revenue growth, it is no wonder that the C-Suite is disgruntled. Along with this when CFOs question sales and profit from Marketing, CMOs struggle to answer this confidently.


  1. What causes rifts between CMOs and other C-suites?
  2. What is creating challenges for CMOs to prove revenue growth from marketing initiatives? Is it process/strategies/budgets/tools/people?
  3. With issues in reporting in walled gardens, how should CMOs prove the marketing ROI to the C-suite?
  4. Why CMOs need better systems and tools for measuring marketing effectiveness & ROI mapping?
  5. How should CMOs work across the organization to achieve business goals?
  6. How should finance and marketing teams align toward forecasting incremental ROI?


Behind the Mic

Barbara Galiza

Barbara Galiza

Growth and Digital Marketing Analytics Consultant

A growth expert with a focus on data-driven decisions, experienced with top tech firms and marketing agencies....

Erik Huberman

Erik Huberman

Founder and CEO, Hawke Media

Erik Huberman founded Hawke Media in 2014, growing it to $150M+ value and working with 3000+ brands. He also launched Ha...