Panel Discussion

Navigating marketing effectiveness and measurement challenges in 2024

Join our expert panel as they break down strategies for better marketing effectiveness and measurements in 2024



About the event

Third-party cookies are being phased out in 2024, which will impact how brands and agencies engage with their audiences and measure campaign effectiveness. Without third-party cookies, tracking user behavior across websites will no longer be possible, making targeted advertising difficult. Advertisers will need to find new ways to identify and reach their target audiences without infringing on their privacy. Brands and agencies will need to adopt new methods for measuring the effectiveness of their ads. Join our expert panel as they demystify methodologies, strategies, and key considerations for navigating the challenges and opportunities to solve the same.


  1. Foundations that marketing teams need to set for third-party cookie phase-out.
  2. Effect on measurements and marketing effectiveness post deprecation.
  3. How to solve these challenges through Marketing Mix modeling, Universal attribution?
  4. How do measure incremental ROI of marketing moving ahead?
  5. How AI will play a role in navigating the challenges?


Behind the Mic

Alex Melen

Alex Melen

Co-Founder, SmartSites

An acclaimed entrepreneur and digital pioneer, co-founder of SmartSites, a leading digital marketing agency with over 40...

Nick Handley

Nick Handley

Head of Paid Media Perfomance, Impression

Started his career in-house, then shifted to agency work, specializing in Paid Media, and later expanded to data, insigh...

 Jeremy Fenderson

Jeremy Fenderson

Senior Director Client Partnership, adQuadrant

An accomplished global marketing strategist with hands-on experience increasing sales and building brands reaching over ...